Published on September 23, 2021 (Updated on October 28, 2021)

Recipes For Education Edition V8 [Heat Block & Hard Glasses Update!]

Hi, I decided to create a more complete addon than the one I created several days ago this one only focuses on the balloon machine.  I will be updating this plugin with special tables, with interfaces and custom recipes to be able to obtain the survival education edition objects.

Welcome, this plugin will allow you to create the things of the educational edition, each one is done in different tables with custom interfaces, I will show you below, the addon will be updated as you add more tables to create more objects, so stay tuned in case you are interested.


Please leave in the comments what other education edition object you would like me to put in, and also leave suggestions for the name of the addon, I am very bad with the names.


This addon is updated to Spanish and English, you can suggest me which language you want me to add.



What's new in version 8 !!!--------------------------------------

  • Heat block:
  • 1 Lava bucket (you won't lose the bucket)
  • 1 iron block


  • Diamond dust:
  • 1 Pestle (you won't lose them)
  • 1 Diamond


  • Hard glass:
  • Diamond dust
  • 1 glass block (Any color)


  • Hard glass panel:
  • Diamond dust
  • 1 glass panel (Any color)


Sorry for the infrequency of updates, I have little time in my day to day, plus I have to do it this way because frequent updates are not re-launched in MCPEDL


 This addon adds the following items: (all items have  recipes)

  • Tree bark (has all the variants of logs)
  • Mace
  • Iron plates
  • Pestle
  • Dust from the heart of the sea
  • Underwater gunpowder
  • Bright powders:
  • Iron Stick:
  • Diamond Dust:

This addon adds the following blocks: (all block have recipes you can see them on the crafting table)

  • Balloons machine
  • Compost
  • Compresser



  • Mortar


  • Recipe Book



 This addon adds the following recipes: 


A recommendation, due to minecraft limitations, in crafting where you do not lose the object, for example (mace, or the pestle), it is annoying to craft, since when the object is returned to you, it is returned to the inventory, that's why I decided that when you create the mace for example, you get 2.


 I try to balance the recipes so that you have a little  difficulty  and it is not all too simple.


  Recipes on the CRAFTING TABLE:


  •     Mace:
  • 6 Iron ingots
  • 1 Stick


  • Iron plates:
  • 1 Mace (you won't lose them)
  • 1 Iron ingot


  • Pestle:
  • 1 Stick
  • 1 cobblestone


  • Bark tree: (there is a variant for each tree)
  • 1 Shears (you won't lose them)
  • 1 tronco de arbol (you can use all minecraft logs)


  • Latex:
  • 1 Tree bark (you can use any variant)
  • 1 Water bucket (you won't lose the bucket)


  • Underwater torch:
  • 1 dust from heart of the sea
  • 1 torch


  • Colored torches:
  • 1 Bright powder (you have 4 colors available)
  • 1 Stick


  • Iron Stick:


  • 2 Iron Ingots


  • Sparkles:
  • 1 glow powder (colors: blue, red, green, purple, orange(glowstone))
  • 1 iron stock


  • Glow stick:
  • 1 glowstone dust
  • 1 dye (any color, except: light gray and black)
  • 1 latex

Blocks: (you can see the recipes on the crafting table, it is not necessary to memorize them)

  • Balloons machine:
  • 2 Iron plates
  • 1 Redstone
  • 5 Iron ingots
  • 1 Lever


  • Compost:
  • 2 Dirt
  • 7 Chains


  • Compresser:
  • 1 Mace
  • 2 Iron ingots
  • 5 Copper ingots
  • 1 Iron plate


  • Mortar:
  • 2 oak planks
  • 1 oak pressure plate


  • Underwater TNT: (it does not appear in recipes on the crafting table because it is an education edition item.)
  • 4 Gunpowder
  • 1 Underwater gunpowder
  • 4 Sands


  • Recipe Book:


  • 1 Crafting table
  • 1 book

Recipes on the BALLOONS MACHINE:


  • Balloons: (You can make any color)
  • 3 latex
  • 1 dye (color you want)
  • 1 lead


 Recipes on the COMPOST:

  •     Super fertilizer:
  • 1 Bone meal
  • 1 Cactus
  • 1 Rotten flesh
  • 1 Potato
  • 1 Eye spider
  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Grass block
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Stick (you won't lose them)


Recipes on the COMPRESSER:

  • Iron plate:
  • 1 Iron ingot


  • Packed ice:
  • 1 Ice block


  • Ice bomb:
  • 1 Water Bucket
  • 1 Packed ice
  • 1 Snowball


  • Hard glass:
  • Diamond dust
  • 1 glass block (Any color)


  • Hard glass panel:
  • Diamond dust
  • 1 glass panel (Any color)


  • Heat block:
  • 1 Lava bucket (you won't lose the bucket)
  • 1 iron block

Recipes on the MORTAR:

  • Dust from the heart of the sea:
  • 1 Pestle (you won't lose them)
  • 1 Heart of the sea

note: I know it is difficult to find the heart of the sea, that's why it gives you 64


  • Underwater gunpowder:
  • 1 Pestle (you won't lose them)
  • 1 Gunpowder
  • 1 Dust from the heart of the sea


  • Glow powders:
  • 1 Glowstone dust or 1 Glow ink sac
  • 1 Coal
  • 1 Pestle (you won't lose them)
  • 1 Dye (only: red, green, blue, or purple)


  • Glow gunpowders:
  • 1 pestle (you won't lose them)
  • 1 Gun powder
  • 1 Dye (blue, red, green or blue)


  • Diamond dust:
  • 1 Pestle (you won't lose them)
  • 1 Diamond


Notes that you may be interested in:

  • The addon is fully compatible with other addons
  • Compatible with realms and servers
  • This addon does not use player.json
  • This addon is fully compatible with NPC
  • This version is a beta so the textures you see are not  the final ones, I plan to do more fun ways to create  the  education edition objects in survival  mode, so maybe I  will   change the name of the addon.
  • Sorry for any writing errors, I translated all the text with  the  google translator.


If you are youtuber, you have permission to review but leave the mcpedl link

Select version for changelog:

  • Added new recipe (heat block)
  • Added new recipe (hard glass block)
  • Added new recipe (hard glass panel)
  • Added new item (Diamond dust)


The installation is like any other addon, just don't forget to activate these options:


Supported Minecraft versions

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4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
Bread recipe is broken
How did you do the custom ui
Great mod! Sadly this doesn't work in the real education edition. (found on minecraft website.)
No, it is for the hidden things of education edition of Minecraft bedrock. maybe I should specify this.
In my opinion, the Heart of the sea is to expensive to crush into powder, and make torches from it, the glowstone dust is better for this recipe.
I had the same dilemma but I opted for this item because it is the only one that is related to the sea, in minecraft, (that's why you can make the tnt that explodes under water and the torch that does not break with water), But I thought giving you 64 powder would be a good solution. Maybe in the future I will change it, but it has something that is related to the sea. thanks for comment.
would you be able to take make requests or commissions?
i'd like for you to create a few blocks for me with custom UI and act as storage blocks.
if theres a way we can sort it out.
it would help me out a bunch.
I will think about it, but this has limitations, all these interfaces are actually the crafting table, in terms of storage I have not succeeded I will keep trying.
Add Camera too please
If you want, I can add it but in the bedrock version it doesn't work as in the original education edition version, it just doesn't have any utility, the only thing it does is exist.
The only thing I can think of adding at this point is the hardened glass and it’s variants
I fixed a bug in the recipe book screen, (it looked too big on mobile phones), it is already fixed and the link updated, I recommend using the GUI Scale: -1
How did u link ur ui to the block? Im trying to do fhe same thing but im struggling with the ui as it isnt showing up
can you talk to me on instagram so i help you
Sorry for answering late, I've had a lot of work
Hey so is it ok if i use ur code as a reference to try and learn how to make this?
How did you do the custom crafting I would like to use this method of crafting for my own custom recipes but i don't know how you did it.
I think I will do a tutorial on Youtube about it.
Works great but the download isn't updated for v5 with the new powders it's still v4.
How about custom crafting station for Candles like stationary or make a custom design candle like mix in match or Dye vat works like cauldron but also work something like when you put leather it creates that specific color

I dunno I don't speak English so it's basically saying just make Candles stationary or Dye Vat
Primero que nada, te felicito por el excelente adonde que haz creado amigo!
En segundo lugar pudieras decirme que archivos utiliza el complemento, para ver con cuáles addons si y con cuáles no será compatible, lo que más me interesa saber es cómo conseguiste hacer interfaces personalizadas, estas usando el comando dialogue de los npc, puesto que si es así no será compatible con el complemento custom npc
Agradezco tu pronta respuesta
Hello friend, calm down this addon is fully compatible with NPCs, it does not use players either. Regards and thanks for commenting.
perdon no sabia que hablabas español, pense que se habia traducido, tranquilo no uso las interfaces de NPCs, y tampoco player.json.
No pasa nada hermano, solo que me sucede algo, no puedo hacer que funcione en 1.17.32 pasa algo?
ui/inventory_screen.json: los controles secundarios deben tener nombres únicos:


Próximamente, será un error y el archivo no se cargará.
Esta es la advertencia que sale en el paquete de recursos
No sé que pasa en esa versión hay muchos addons que ya no funcionan, veré como solucionarlo gracias por el reporte, con respecto a la advertencia ignorala.
no se que pasa lo probe en esta version y me anda sin problemas en windows 10 y android
please comment what other items you would like to see in future updates.