Published on April 07, 2022 (Updated on June 26, 2022)

Dynamic Car Creator | V3.6 Bug Fixes [BETA]

Tired of walking, and that car or vehicle addons are not for survival mode or are obtained in a simple way, then this is your addon, I hope you like it

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  • Only 5 slots can be used in large inventory (fixed up)
  • Poorly positioned 3rd person items (fixed up)
  • The refinery could not be broken (fixed up) ( Now can only be broken if empty just like tanks. )
  • Sometimes when interacting with the refinery or the tanks the buckets disappeared (fixed up)
  • Wheels item name changed to wheel (fixed up)
  • The ramps and the workbench replace the blocks in your path, now if you have a block in your path they will destroy it and not replace it (fixed up)
  • When you break the ramp your collision stays (fixed up)


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You make new update plss?
1.20.50 or 1.20.30
Some items are invisible for me The crafting thing is invisible for me
please update it
This is the best plugin I have ever tried, congratulations, I can't wait for the update to be released for the most recent version.
1.20.0183028202802820828103831829 (mojang versions be like)
pls update i rlly like ur mod😭.
Very good addon, this addon have a good future ;)
dude i would love to see this added more onto, i want to see more cars

pickup truck
farm truck
semi truck w/ trailer
essentially a tow truck, it has a platform and you can put the car on there
motorcycle and or dirt bike (dirt bike goes faster on dirt, grass, podzol, etc, those kinds of blocks while the motorcycle would go faster on concrete and stuff like that. ofc both would have blocks they wouldnt be affected by like stone and wood)

i would love to see a pickup truck with attachments on the bed like a big gun like that gta truck or some other stuff

also i dont really like the fact you can pick up the vehicle

those are just my suggestions, i would love to see them implemented

please keep on working on this!!!
pls add 1.20 version
pls add speedometer
please add a motorcycle and have it created in the same way as the Car
I found your addon from a YouTube video (CAR CREATOR Addon (Build Your Own Minecraft Car)) and your addon is very cool. It feels as if it were a Java mod like Mr. Crayfish's vehicles mod. But I have noticed that the Jeep model in the addon is taken straight from my "The Ultimate Jeep" addon, and I don't see any credits to me, so I'm suggesting that you provide some credits to me.
oh I'm sorry, I found this model searching the internet, I didn't know it was yours, I'll update the page right now placing credits to you.
Think of adding a farm truck