Published on May 09, 2024 (Updated on June 02, 2024)

MTP | Moscow Train Pack v4 [MCA]

ONLY ON MCPEDL.COM* and Welcome to MTM ( Moscow Metro Pack 2D- v4) Have you ever wanted to ride trains with your friends? If so, this is the add-on for you. With it, you can ride on more than 10 different 2d trains in Minecraft pe. All trains can be completely simplified - doors can be closed/opened, controlled using a controller. The publication of this addon on other sites is prohibited! 

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Thank you for so many cool train addons. My kids love them so much.
Do you have more train packs updated? Maybe some China/Japanese bullet train?
Can you tell me how to create trains with your MCA controller? I m wondering how to create my own trains.
Write to Discord / support site. You will be answered. All links in the article