Murder at Mistic Village

In this map you are a detective and you need to solve a murder mystery of a peron known as 'Jame' . There are different people in the village to find answers from and find the murderer. In the last there is a twist for you : ) . Please note all the clues which you have and try to find the real murderer , if you get the wrong person as the murderer you may have to replay the whole game. THIS IS MY FIRST MAP SO, PLEASE GIVE ME A FEEDBACK and enjoy the map : )

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Added more brief information , Added story line , Added some of the Categories of the map , Added Instructions of how to download and how to play the map on different versions of the game . 



  • Detective map.mcworld

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Sorry to everyone
I am really really sorry for such so many problems with this map. Actually I am working on a way better map than this map which you might say is a huge update to this one or you can call it as Detective 2.0
I will be posting that map soon so stay updated
Can you make the map for pocket edition pleas it's a really good map and I would love to play it
Hey bro, I really want to play in your map but I can't ! When I dl your map it says me "import failed" and the map's size is 0 ko ;oo

Please help me
That means you failed
Can you not play on pocket edition when I press the mcworld link it opens a new tab but stays white
What to do when u get stuck in that rock tunnel ???
Make it for Minecraft Edfucation please
It lags all the time and command blocks don't work so I had to fix the whole game
It might be that you are on mobile version of minecraft [mcpe] or you have 15.beta , 1.10 , 1.11
It works but it lags.
To me it was very easy and so much fun. Love the idea. I did have a problem in the end but the game fixed itself.
If it's not inside, then try outside. I found it real fast.
It is unclear how to do it i there are two houses and i searched them both and found no buttons