Published on August 09, 2021

OP Villager Trades Addon - Trade Mobs, Armours & Enchanted Weapons

Usual Minecraft Villager trades are the worst, like 5-6 Emeralds for an Iron Pickaxe! That's a steal! This addon changes the whole table around, from high prices for lame stuff to cheap prices for over powered stuff. With this addon you can get a netherite sword with a pre-enchantment, a golden apple, a mob spawn egg, pre-enchanted armours, bookshelves, enchanted books etc..If you want to suggest or request an addon, Subscribe to my youtube channel and comment on my latest video about your Idea (I might take, might not. Depends on your idea)I make ~These~ kind of addons frequently on my YouTube channel -


Installation Guides

Hello! I have been wanting this mod for awhile now, but every time I tried to visit Linkversite, it wants me to download a free sketchy website to get the mod (same for your tamable axolotl mod) I know you said you're not going to tell us the Mediafire link, but I have visited the website at least 15 times and it still does this. Just letting you know about this. I really think this mod would be cool though :)
Umm, quick question does this also work on cured Zombie villagers? Like will their trades also be op and have cheaper prices or no?
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