Murder Mystery Mansion

This Murder Mystery map is set in a fancy mansion, with three floors and LOTS of hiding places. Some features of this map include automatic starting of games, a count of innocent players still alive, security cameras, one-hit kills, and cosmetics. The rules are simple: the killer tries to kill everyone; the sheriff tries to kill the killer, and the innocents try to stay alive for as long as possible, or they can collect 10 gold and get a bow to try to stop the killer themselves. Which side will survive? It's all up to skill, and a healthy dose of luck. This map is recommended for a maximum of 24 players (use the "setmaxplayers" command).

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-Fixed Gold Spawners to remove gold after every round of the game

-Expanded upper floor and fixed minor issues

-Fixed world download file

-Added more secret passages

-Added even MORE secret passages (no such thing as too many secret passages)

-Added Timer, Arrow Cooldown, Egg, and more secret passages (again, no such thing as too many)

-Added Security Cameras and Cosmetics, and also a few more secret passages (refer to above)

-Added a few extra tidbits, including a debug room for the owner to use

-Added the third floor and more cameras (and more secret passages)

-Added more cosmetics, as well as a garden on 3rd floor (and a secret passage leading to it)

-Updated Map and Fixed Gold Spawners

-Fixed Innocent Tracker and made minor changes to the map

-Added changes to name visibility, a "start with 2 players" setting, and fixed the text for when Killer wins.



  • l4Murder_cMystery_Mansion.mcworld (1.79 MB)

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i dont have friend:/
just for you guys to know dont trust dark97077 he used to be my friend but he tried to greif my world with tnt and he tryed crashing it with the lingering potions, the reason why he didnt do it here is cause all he wants is to be known and be famous for helping this map.