Kill Counter Addon

This addon is great if you want to make a world where you gain certain things from killing mobs or other players, such as a Kitpvp world where you can unlock kits by killing players, or a Mob Arena world where you can buy items using money from killing mobs.

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Updated the mechanics so that only true kills are counted, rather than all deaths.



  • Kill_Counter_Mobs.mcaddon (11.5 KB)
  • Kill_Counter_Players.mcaddon (5.34 KB)

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Hey OP I tweaked your code and updated / improved some stuff. Feel free to add to the main post (please give me credit :D):

Changes - 8/28/2021
- Creepers now drop gunpowder like normal (0-2 per kill so they may not drop every time)
- Added hostile mobs that were missing (30 hostile mobs total - does not include ender dragon)
- Created kill-setup function to help with set up (instructions and video demo below)
- Created a separate version that includes ALL mobs, both hostile and friendly
- Added tickingarea so the counter works no matter where you are in the world

Known issues:
- Some mobs that dont count are: bat, endermite, wolf, ocelot, clownfish, goat, ender dragon

All Mobs (55 different mobs total)

Hostile mobs only (30 different mobs total)

Instructions (see below for video tutorial):
- Download and open file (it will open Minecraft automatically and import it)
- Create a new world with these settings:
> Game mode set to creative
> All experimental modes enabled
> Activate Kill Counter under resource and behavior pack section
- Load world and go to any area you want to place the repeating command block, and stay there
- Type "function kill-setup" in chat (without quotes)
- Place a command block in front of you (or within a 10 block radius of where you did the above step)
- Make sure the command block has these settings
> Command input: function kill
> Block type: Repeat
> Redstone: Always active

Video tutorial / demo(follow what I do):
Video tutorial link didnt seem to get added, here you go!
Grr nvm links are just being deleted completely. Lets try this:

Video tutorial:!AsrRf774-ptNhwXSiO26YzEM1e1H?e=C73yhh

All Mogs:!AsrRf774-ptNhwO0eQp5uHx8XOle?e=AR3liT

Hostile Mobs Only:!AsrRf774-ptNhwTcebvevJBB0E-n?e=fPCKkI

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Awesome !!!! Im not the creator but this is dope
Hey dude! This Kill Counter is absolutely amazing (works on 1.17.11 as well!!). I am using this with a Death counter and Kills are converted into currency for a shop, it works beautifully.

There is one issue with Creepers not dropping gunpowder though, I tried looking into the creeper.json and adding min to 1 but still doesnt drop. I thought gunpowder was what the "kill" item replaced but witches drop gunpowder so I know thats not true. Can you figure out why creepers dont drop gunpowder?

Also and more importantly, can you add all mobs (including friendly) as an option? I searched for DAYS trying to find someone who made a default entity mob loot table list so I could just add the kill item bit but I found absolutely nothing. Please add an all-mobs file if you can!!
Or if you have a default zip of all of the mobs then send me that and I can just edit the kill item into each one. Thanks :D
Can I translate and transport this to klpbbs in China
Does this work on custom mobs?
Unfortunately, the pack will not work with custom mobs like it is. However, if you add the Kill
item to the mob's loot table in the other addon's code, it should work like that.
Do you have a video tutorial?
Unfortunately, no, I don't have a video tutorial. If you follow the written instructions exactly as they are, you should be fine.
Which download is for the mob kill counter n player kill counter? I only ask because one link just says kill counter addon na the other kill counter mobs.
Mobs is mobs, and unlabeled is players.
Not working idont now how to use please give any totrial video 😭😭 please
Are you making the scoreboard with an uppercase K? If you're using lowercase, that might be the problem, since it's programmed to add to the Kill score, rather than the kill score.
For some reason the mob counter for me doesn’t work.
Nevermind it works great! Also can I use both counter at the same time?
I think so; there aren't any conflicting scripts, so it should work!
You have my same problem, if someone die for another reason, death is counst in the same way. I do the same but with addon with only commands
Sorry about that. I would try to fix it, but the way the addon works is that a kill item is part of mobs/players' loot tables, and adds a kill to the nearest player's score. This addon is primarily for Kitpvp worlds or other worlds like that. If you think you can change the code to better fit your specific gameplay, then by all means do. Just make sure you give me credit if you decide to post it for others to use.