Published on November 15, 2022 (Updated on December 17, 2023)

PvP Map Essentials

Have you ever wanted to make an awesome pvp map, but weren't able to get the critical aspects working? If you need the essential pieces of a good pvp map, like an accurate kill counter or a team/alliance system, then you've clicked the right link!

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Fixed code to allow the immune team to work properly.

Fixed code again because I forgot a comma in the last fix

Added PvP Toggle and updated download links

Fixed download links



  • PvP_Teams__16.mcpack (1.97 KB)
  • PvP_Teams__4.mcpack (1.86 KB)
  • PvP_Teeams__8.mcpack (1.9 KB)
  • PvP_Toggle.mcpack (1.8 KB)
  • Teams_with_Kill_Counter.mcpack (2.29 KB)
  • Toggle_with_Counter.mcpack (2.44 KB)

Installation Guides

Compatible with other addons?
It's not compatible with addons that contain the player.json file, but it is compatible with ones that don't. If the player code is altered in another addon, then they won't work together.
The link don't exist my guy
Hello! I’ve been using this for my KitPvP map for awhile now and I love it.
There is one thing I would like to see in the addon, when killing a player you should get healed a certain amount.
Also there is a bug I discovered while testing.
When a player kills themselves with an arrow, it’ll count as a regular kill.
Addon request:
killing mob will randomly get money/points including hostile, bosses, and players
- additional feature killing players will increase your bounty

hehe just pop up in mind