Natural Paths Addon Pack

This function pack adds a small tweak to your world. It creates a natural path when you are walking. First, it creates a dirt path and when walked on many times it changes the dirt to coarse dirt.

How to install?

1. Put the function pack in the behavior pack of the world.

2. Keep cheats and experimental mode on.

3. Create the world.

How does it work?

Walk around your world and you will notice that there will be some dirt blocks under you after every 2 seconds. and if you keep walking in the same path the dirt will change into coarse dirt.

Video for a better explanation.

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fixed a bug that caused paths to be made when not even walking.


now the addon automatically activated no need to place any command block to activate the addon.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Guest-7076564878 May 13, 2020 at 6:48 pm
it doesnt take me to the link, i just says to allow notifications, but it doesnt work
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i really love the concept though!
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Hey man! Me and my team love your work and we would to have some of your mods be a part of our modpack. It will not be monetized and credits will be fully given! Please contact me at CubeSteff3906#6297 with your answer and any potential questions.
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Vein Miner With tho option to toggle on and off gravel
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I really appreciate this it'll make my work far easier, as am creating a large open world map and I have to link some castles and cities
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