Published on June 30, 2022 (Updated on June 30, 2022)

Natural Structure Redone V1

Natural Structures has been remade! This addon adds tiny touches to your world such as sticks and bushes which just adds to the ambiance of the world. You can find these items all over the world on the floor and make it easy to find certain items. The difference from the original is that this works in 1.19 (and hopefully above) and I've fleshed out each block. It will be updated for each biome!V1 - General Biome items If you would like to see any specific items (that is nature-related) please comment below! 

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Absolutely love the revamp! Small issue i found though, the branches dont appear to burn when in contact with lava or fire. Ive only tested this on oak branches though.
Hi, Fallen idk if you remember me asking perms to use the original addon in a modpack i was working on then but i have now made a new modpack and would like to add this redone version of your addon if its ok!
Thanks and the modpack is in my mcpedl profile. :)
WHAAAAAAAT YOU REDID IT??? I’mma test it when I get home🥹
Yeah, I wanted to add a lot more functionality to blocks and update it to 1.19 and dealing with the normal Natural Structures uses code and strategies from pre 1.16
So will we be getting back the cool big pumpkins, flower fields, bee hives, and etc. one day?
bro, last night i found your profile on twitter lol too much coincidence
Atualiza o outro mod seu progression pra 1.19
I needed to update this one for progression!