Published on July 25, 2022 (Updated on August 02, 2022)

NB Monster Expanded Update V1.0.5

This addon adds new monsters to the game, and also new monsters can spawn naturally in your world!   some monsters are strong enough to make the game more challenging and are designed not far from vanilla style.

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  • Tree guardian removed
  • Add more vanilla monster variety
  • Add Blast termite
  • Add Items, (Blast bottle, Small Blast Bottle, Flint Shard, Splash Bottle).


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I'd prefer if the blast bottle was a potion crafted with the brewing stand, and I think the desert and mesa creepers should have the vanilla texture since it looks like a cactus
Can you add ants that fight the termites and maybe different ants and termites that fight each other so i can makes an insect war also different ants fight each other idk about termites so you decide if different termites fight each other but can you add these entities.
The new mobs and textures are super cool! ๐Ÿ‘
Was wondering if there could be an optional setting to disable creepers destroying blocks?
You can type command /gamerule mobgriefing false in gamechat to disable any block being destroyed by any mobs (creeper included) ^-^
this addon, zombies, skeletons and creeper can also appear with normal minecraft texture? 'or will they only appear with the texture variants of the addon only?.

I love your addon and its variety of mobs and the textures are excellent.
vanilla texture has a 20%/low chance to appear,
and thanks for the compliment ^-^
Great, it's good that the Mods with Vanilla textures still appear.

You very much deserve the compliment. I'm looking at the texture of the new spiders and I'm amazed at how cool they are.
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