Published on July 18, 2022 (Updated on August 04, 2022)

Sit Down! Carpet Update (Lets you sit on Stairs, Slabs and Carpets!)

Want to take a break from long journey?, want to sit down but it doesn't detract from the vanilla playing experience?, This Add-on can make you sit on almost any stairs, slabs and carpets.

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  •  Added carpets, now all carpets are 'sittable'.            


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Hi, I have updated your addon, but it only works with slabs and stairs, not with carpets. I deleted the old version and cleared the cache.
It has broken in the most recent update 1.19.20 on realms
Hi, very nice and simple to use add-on.
is it compatible with other add-ons? Can it be used on realm?

Tip: It would be nice if you added the ability to lie down as well
Lo mejor sería crear una entidad invisible que nos permita sentarnos en ella, para ponerla en cualquier lugar. Si fuera posible que tomara en cuenta mi recomendación se lo agradecería mucho