Published on April 07, 2021 (Updated on June 09, 2022)

Negative Colours Pack (v.1.2)

Did you ever want some very unusual experience while playing Minecraft? Well, this pack will surely give you one. It pretty much changes the entire game by inverting all colours you see in your Minecraft world. It can be a fun challenge to play pretty much anything with this, can't it? Well if you got interested, check this out!

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1.2.0 - Wild Update Patch:

  • Added all items, blocks and entities from the 1.19 update.



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🔥Great pack! The creator is kind, and helped with a issue instantly!
My personal rating is a 10/10! :D
Nice job dude! this resource pack better then mine lol
It's so cool, I already knew that the End Stone was Cobblestone inverted but not for Diamond and Redtsone.
I'm glad you like my content :-) You can join my liked Discord Server to stay updated with all content that Studio IceCraft plans to release.