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Published on April 07, 2021 (Updated on April 08, 2021)

Negative Colors Pack (v.1.0)

Did you ever want some very unusual experience while playing Minecraft? Well, this pack will surely give you one. It pretty much changes the entire game by inverting all colors you see in your Minecraft world. It can be a fun challange to play pretty much anything with this, can't it? Well if you got interested, check this out!

This texture pack was made using software(GIMP) that inverted colors of all Minecraft textures and it brings very weird, alien-like feel to your Minecraft experience. It can be sometimes quite challenging to navigate in your inventory or even the world itself with this pack enabled, which is the beauty of it. It comes with 2 options - No UI inverted, basic UI inverted(default) and it will come with all UI inverted option later. Some of the screenshots for reference are bellow.

Diamond and redstone ore:

All flowers:





Known issues:

Banners, leather armor and other hard-coded colors aren't fully inverted, I can't do anything about that.
Vines texture isn't inverted as item, however the vines block is.
Water isn't inverted, might be changed in update later.

If you find any other bug or issues make sure to report it on our Discord Server.
This texture pack is made by Studio IceCraft and distributing it is strictly prohibited. If you wish to share this content with others make sure to credit with link to this post!

Enjoy playing with this texture pack! :-)

Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed typos in the post
  • Changed image layout in the post a bit


  1. Go to the mediafire download page.
  2. Select file you want to download(.mcpack or .zip)
  3. Download it.
  4. Open/extract it depending on the file format.
  5. If you want sou can optionally click the gear icon and change the UI profile of the pack.(whether UI will be inverted or not)

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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It's so cool, I already knew that the End Stone was Cobblestone inverted but not for Diamond and Redtsone.
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I'm glad you like my content :-) You can join my liked Discord Server to stay updated with all content that Studio IceCraft plans to release.
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