Nether Spawn Addon

With the introduction of the 1,16 nether update the nether is now habitable but unfortunately there isn’t a way to start inside of the nether and work your way to the overworld for that extra challenge! My addon changes just that!

How does it work?

It’s very simple… YOU START IN THE NETHER! After applying the behavior pack to your world you will generate in a bedrock box with a portal automatically sending you to the nether for the extra challenge! When you get inside of the nether your spawnpoint will set and your portal will disappear to ensure you receive the full nether experience! There are 3 downsides to this addon:

  1. Without the help of NBT editors you will not receive achievements
  2. A small bedrock box will generate in the overworld (Cover it up or don’t, not that big of deal).
  3. Sometimes you spawn over a lave lake! Be careful! (A red nether brick platform will generate to make sure you don’t fall!)

A new useful feature that I added is that Nether Bonus Chests are able to be enabled or disabled! (They are enabled by default). After applying the pack you will see a small gear, press that and move the slider to enable and disable the nether bonus chest! Inside you will find:

  • Blackstone
  • Ender Pearls
  • Crimson and Warped Planks
  • Crimson and Warped Stems
  • Brown and Red mushrooms
  • Mushroom Stew
  • Pork Chops
  • Netherrack
  • Wooden Pickaxe and Axe

Loot Table:

 DISCLAIMER: Do not reupload and tamper with MY mediafire and adfly links! Do not upload my creations to any apps or other links than the one MCPEDL provided. A copyright strike may occur by me if you do not abide by my rules. Also do NOT forget to CREDIT! 

Video Review:

Changelog View more

Fixed an issue that caused lava to flood in when the player spawns

Made bonus chest loot based on game difficulty

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the red nether brick platform to infinitely extend in basalt deltas
  • Fixed an issue with the red nether brick platform when it generates under nether blocks
  • Fixed a bug that caused the nether brick platform to duplicate
  • Optimized code a bit more
  • Added Nether Bonus Chest



Click "Download .mcpack"

Wait 5 seconds and press skip ad

Block notifications (DO NOT HIT ALLOW)

wait between 15-20 seconds

Then you will be directed to mediafire 


Supported Minecraft versions


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47 Responses

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  1. ShinyMooTank says:

    You could just give them a potion of fire resistance for 2 min when they start their game to make sure they didn’t spawn on a lava lake and give them a respawn block. Then they can walk away from the middle of the lava lake and place down the respawn block when they reach a safe place.

  2. Guest-4259048896 says:

    Got it working first go; great!!! One problem however is that without a chest, it spawns with the normal portal; but with the chest the portal is removed and the platform is there.

    Also – an idea for a new version? Instead of blackstone and enderpearls etc in the chest (which are readily available); How about some items that make the Nether experience complete, rather than just attempting to get back to the overworld; eg a stack of Lapis, and perhaps a water bucket or two for eventually brewing potions? You end up with heaps of XP (if you can survive without dying); and although it’s possible to make an enchanting table, cauldron and eventually an anvil; all are pretty much useless without Lapis and water. Yes, you can pop into the overworld to get them… but it still feels like leaving the nether ‘destroys the experience’. Cheers for the ad-on though.

    PS: It looks like water bottles can be traded from Piglins in an upcoming Java version, but not sure about Bedrock. Oh – and a brewing stand still needs Cobblestone; so a few of those would be good too.

  3. Guest-4427674905 says:

    Link doesn’t work, there is not any addon realised yet that start in nether. What should I do?

  4. Guest-4766016583 says:

    Link doesn’t work anymore. Also so virus and adware ridden that even Windows Defender is blocking all PnP and exclusions at this point. If anyone has been able to download it can you work with the original creator to put it on any other download service? Or better yet could the original creator do this?

  5. Guest-2707478157 says:

    Whenever I press skip add and deny notifications, it just redirects me to the AdFly home page

  6. Guest-3757170973 says:

    So I clicked the link, it asked me to subscribe I hit dismiss, and then I hit skip ad and it brought me to a page that says subscribe to continue with no dismiss button. What do I do?

  7. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    Really cool addon, but can I use it in Enhanced Nether addon? This addons is supposed to enhance your nether experience while playing exclusively in the Nether. It adds things, like reliable source of diamonds or iron in Nether and much much more.

  8. Guest-9880708791 says:

    i want something in an update for it to make it a little easier which is a respawn anchor when you join so you can set up a base easier

  9. CubeMaster says:

    I really need this, can’t go past, won’t show me those allow/deny buttons :ccc
    I ask the creator if I can have the link somehow.

  10. T1014406F says:

    just wait for it and skip ad, it will say click allow to continue, and wait so it will say redirecting

  11. Guest-8019919469 says:

    This looks really fun, but whenever I try to download it, it leaves me on an Adfly link, no matter how many times I try. If it’s possible, could you make a mediafire download link? If not that’s ok.

  12. ClammyHornet707 says:

    ok so i spawn in the nether but when i die i have no way of getting back into the nether bc i dont spawn inside of the portal thing i set my respawn radius to 0 and it still dont work can someone help

  13. Guest-3240067754 says:

    Its not working as of official bedrock release.

  14. Guest-3251702733 says:

    Link is broken…

    • Guest-6284161780 says:

      Link won’t work. I was SUPER excited to combine this Addon with another Addon called Livable Nether. I’m super disappointed i can’t download this. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the link? Thanks!

  15. Guest-6812587106 says:

    Can’t play it says failed to upload;

    Error No Adfly/3rd party links…
    Is there another link I can try.

  16. Guest-3612825891 says:

    I made a world and planned to beat the game through the nether.
    Put on the behaviour pack
    Started the game.
    Spawned in lava. (the lava was flowing onto the platform)
    Escaped with half a heart.
    Opened the chest.
    A ghast hit me.
    Deleted the game.
    Created a new one.

  17. Braedenn says:

    Is there a way you could do this but with the Outer end islands? i wanna do a challenge where i spawn in the end and only rely on loot from end cities to beat the ender dragon. If not, its fine, thanks.

  18. Guest-8157799425 says:

    Link won’t work for me. Can someone tell me it

  19. Guest-5124663966 says:

    If this uses commands to work, could it remove the bedrock box in the overworld by setting a ticking area there before you go to the nether, then removing the bedrock box box and the ticking area afterwards?

  20. Guest-9543580888 says:

    Are the Overworld, Nether, and End generation (dependent on the seed) the same as if the add on was not used when using this add on?

  21. Guest-7653129217 says:

    Work on realms?

  22. PC1364 says:

    So i spawned in a crimson forest and was an idiot for opening the chest instead of breaking it.

  23. Guest-7447327452 says:

    Can play multiplayer ?

  24. Guest-2641208923 says:

    IOS platforms doesnt have an Nether Update, why?

  25. Guest-7349738324 says:

    this super cool you should download and its free get it now please but there are bugs and I hate them the bugs it makkes it glitch

  26. Basalt Deltas are fixed!!!

    • Pingo773 says:

      Puedo hacer una Review en YouTube pero sin el enlace directo a mediafire? o sea en la descripcion del video dejare el enlace del addon que dejaste sin ser dirigido automaticamente a Mediafire. Puedo hacer la review?

  27. Anonymous says:

    why would you upload a 1.16 mod in the .mapack format when its not out on bedrock?

  28. Guest-7466317672 says:


  29. Guest-7792884259 says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Okay the link has been fixed everyone! Enjoy!

  31. Guest-6946729336 says:

    It is showing uploading is still in progress

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