Netherite Horse Armor [Compatible With Any Addon]

[Compatible With Any Addon] So you wanted to have your horse with the best protection because it deserves the best? With this addon you can make the "Netherite horse armor", it increases the protection of your horse and an added "knockback resistance"

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-rebalance of horse netherite armor

-texture change

-Fix texture bug in 1.18.11

-minor changes to the model to make it look better


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Please, we want a new version of this addon, it's very glitched
Pls add a ability where if the horse is wearing netherite horse Armor then it can walk on lava.

It will be so cool so please add it.

Thank you.
Wouldnt it be better to make it craftable in a smithing table? I see addons always use the basic crafting table for netherite tools. Is it impossible to edit the smithing table or just too annoying to do?
Currently its unknown or impossible to edit smithing table recipes since they seem to be hidden in the code somewhere. Wait until Mojang tells us where or adds a potential solution
Other addons have used the smithing table for upgrading items, tools, armors etc..
Besto Addon!!
finally someone added netherite horse armor addon