Magic Rings Addon [New Rings!]

Do you seek power, do you seek to explore? Well, this addon is for you. add 4 rings that will give you effects and the best of all is that you only have to have inventory for them to work 

Magic Rings Adds 4 new rings that can be found in a dungeon, they give effects if you have them in your inventory and have an indefinite duration. These are the rings that are available at the moment

Necessary experimental options and Gametest


Regeneration Ring

Effect: Regeneration


Speed Ring

Effect: Speed


Jump Boost Ring

Effect: Speed



Strength Ring

Effect: Strength

Fire Ring

Effect: Fire resistance

Magnet Ring

Effect: attract items to the player

Haste Ring

Effect: Haste


-What if we have all the mighty rings in our inventory?
Well, all the abilities of the rings can be used at the same time, which is too spectacular.

-Where do we find these powerful rings?

-can be found in structure chests

-can be crafted (Only if the recipe option is enabled)

Important: people who review this Addon many times do not read the features and terms to make a video of this Addon. If you are a content creator, use the mcpdl link if you plan to review and cannot leave the direct link or create your own link. If you break I will take action for this



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-recipes were added (optional)

-haste ring added

-fire ring added

-magnet ring added



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Pinned comment
the rings don't give effects for some odd reason and I can't reset the behavior pack
Overall good addon, however some small issues, firstly regeneration doesn't actually work. It may be that the effect keeps getting reset before healing can take place but currently it's useless. Other than that it would be great to see other rings like a hero ring, a night vision ring, a resistance ring etc.
Also the magnetic ring text is incomplete
hi, just hoping maybe soon you will add more cool rings along to the addon in the next future update
structure does not spawn, literally flew out 50k with an elytra in two directions and did not see one
funciona en la 1.17.41?
lo probe pero no aparece ningun efecto :(
the addon is amazing but you can add a ring to fly using the madfly of the education edition but that only works if you put it in the secondary hand
Nice Addon! All links are working tysm!
this is a good addon, I recommend it
El observador facha November 20, 2021 at 6:52 pm
joder addon god!
Links aren't working :(
An update was sent, at the moment the links will not be available
The resource pack site not working missing ...pls fix
Nice , but not have a Jeroo ring🤨