Published on December 03, 2021

NotYetamis (Color) Crystal Blades

It’s here! The Sharp Blades that I ever made!The fresh 32x from it.The 8 Color Wonders came from far, far away which is made from fine minerals.It has arrived!Introducing theNotYetamis (Color) Crystal Blades!Made by: NotYetamis (As said on the Title XD)

What is this "Color Crystal Blades"?

Color Blades are made with color crystals that can made from the crafting recipes below but
with this OP Addon, you’re gameplay will be full of colors!

Read the Description carefully, so you can understand the crafting recipe and what does it give you.


Empty Crystal

First, you really need this so you can craft the Color Crystals to Color Crystal Blades!

Color Crystals

Crafting of Color Crystals can be easy, as shown below.

Red Crystal

Yellow Crystal

Blue Crystal

Green Crystal

Orange Crystal

Purple Crystal

White Crystal

Black Crystal


Color Crystal Blades

Note: The DAMAGES will be shown in the photos or you can check it for yourself.
Durability of All Blades: 2000,
(More Note: The Swords doesn't have  "Crystal" in their names but they could just be fine)

Red Crystal Blade

Effects (When Held, you can also hold them off-hand so you can have double effects from other swords):

Yellow Crystal Blade


Blue Crystal Blade


Green Crystal Blade


Orange Crystal Blade


Purple Crystal Blade:


White Crystal Blade:


Black Crystal Blade


Rainbow Crystal:

I kept this alone because it’s the best part of the addon.

You need all the 8 Color Crystals and one Empty Crystal on the center, the color crystals should be in order as in the photo below or else it won’t craft. But there is a crafting guide on the game so it will be fine.

Rainbow Blade:

Durability: 2500

(25+ Attack Damage? How cool it is right?)

(You can only craft one as all the others but the photo shows two because it is for you to show that it can be held off hand)


These are 1.18 Experimentals but you probably don’t need Vanilla Experiments.

(Same as 1.17, but no Vanilla Experiments)



Our story ends here, have fun with the wonder color blades!


READ: I only provided MCADDON file since the links are quite too many if I add ZIP file but if you want to use ZIP file, you should rename it only.
Click the Provided Download link below
Click free access of ads,
Then wait for 5-10 seconds for it to load
Then click the button to got to the Download Link.
(Used this so i can have a little something about my works :))
Just don’t click the ads
For 1.18 users (Android), if you download ZIP file, you need to paste it but you need Zarchiver or another File Explorer.
Go to Android>data>com.mojang.minecraftpe>files>games>com.mojang>behavior_pack (For BP) >resourcepack (for RP)


Installation Guides

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it uses player.jason, so not compatible
Make sure you downloaded both, it'll never work of you only download one.
I split it up so download the BP and RP :)
muchas gracias se ve espectacular, lo instalare para ver como va , pero de seguro que va genial