Published on December 02, 2021

Un-Poisonous Addon

Poisonous Potatoes are quite annoying on your farm when harvesting right?Gives you poison when you eat it and same as rotten flesh gives you hunger.Wanna clear things up?There you’ve came right on time, come here!The Un-Poisonous Addon!Made by: NotYetamis


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The idea itself is good, but a double link for so little effort and then such a bad texture.. :/
Oh, so the Cooked Flesh has Bad Texture? Sorry about that, but I think it’ll help other players and I also need to add Linkvertise link so I can have extra money for my work. Well, I putted two links because others use zip and others use mcpack so nothing wrong about
Oh, so that’s why the download got many. It’s approved :)