Published on April 22, 2019 (Updated on April 22, 2019)

NPC+&Zabuton addon (1.10+)

When you build, don't you think it's not enough? When you build, don't you think that something is missing?

This addon adds two new NPCs. These can put your skins. They move freely and act like an armor stand. You can set 17 kinds of skins by coloring. Add your favorite NPC!

Zabuton is a cushion on the floor in Japan. This can sit.

How does it work?

Please open the inventory. Three new eggs should be added.


/summon npc:npc1

  • Can be changed to 16 colors with dyes
  • Follow me with diamonds
  • You can add inventory by raising the diamond
  • This egg comes out of zombies with low probability


/summon npc:npc2

  • Works the same as Armor Stand
  • Can be changed to 16 colors with dyes
  • You can add inventory by raising the diamond
  • This egg comes out of zombies with low probability

You can make your favorite npc by replacing the downloaded npc texture with your skins


/summon npc:zabuton

  • You and your mob can sit
  • Can be changed to 16 colors with dyes
  • This is a sheep dropping with high probability

Creator Notes

You can do

  • Remodeling, distribution after remodeling
  • Videos, screen shots, remodeling, copying etc are free

You can't do

  • You may not alter the files and call my work your own
  • You may not alter my download links and upload them to other sites.
  • Distribution before remodeling

If you have anything please contact @AsamasaKun2(Twitter)


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Fixed a problem that can not be introduced successfully on mobile.


(Please stop copying only the download link)

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I still don't know how to get a skin can someone plz help i'm trying to make a roleplay.
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Hey this is great! I can get custom textures and everything!!!!!

If you guys need help,

I can explain it but only on IOS
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Guest-7691818029 May 18, 2020 at 6:05 pm
Can you please explain!!
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For those who wants to change the skin, here are the steps:

1.Go to File Explorer (Any one).
2. Go to "Games" carpet, ang you'll see Minecraft carpet.
3. You tap Minecraft's carpet, and you need to find "resources_pack". You tap there and you will see de NPC addon carpet.
4. You tap the "texture" carpet, then next, "entity" and you'll see "custom npc".
5. When you tap the carpet, you will see the textures of the skins. If you want to change it, you delete one image. You choose the skin that you want to use, you move it to that carpet and you rename as "npc_(color).png.
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But how do you change the image
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hey i dont know how to change the skins
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HI CAN you tell me how do I make them move???
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Oh, hello there is there some
Slim Skins
Please add these to improve the add-on.
And have a nice day!
I hope that you read this!
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I'm on my tablet how do I change skin
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can somebody please tell me the steps i have to do to change the skins for this addon? (Im on windows 10)
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how to i change the direction of the zabuton?
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You can add that NPCs attack hostile mobs
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Can you make another sitting model for the npc like chairs?
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Hey! this addon is very nice and everything works so well! I do have a major problem however when adding custom textures to the npcs. I delete the original texture, make sure mine is named the same, is a png, in the same format etc. and it works, but only the blue dyed npc works with my custom texture. I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong but if I am, will someone tell me please? or possibly get in touch with the creator to see if this fix is coming in future updates because as of right now, it's a big problem for me only being able to have one custom npc. Thank you!
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did you get e file explorer?
thats what i use all of them work
make sure to put the renamed texture in the texture pack after deleting the defult


lemme know if this helped

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I did not understand a word
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make it to were they can wear armor
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Would you be able to add text for them to say in an update? I would love to see that!! THX
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