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Published on February 03, 2021 (Updated on February 03, 2021)

Fallen Angel Addon (1.16.+)

Don't you feel lonely with the vanilla boss alone? With this add-on, you can add two cute and strong fallen angel bosses! It's easy to summon and is recommended for people who like to fight!

It supports multiplayer and can be played with other weapon add-ons. I think you can enjoy it because there are various attack patterns!

This add-on requires experimental gameplay to be turned on

Items to be added

Gear (angel:gear)

・An intermediate material for making gears and fallen angel wings.

Gears and machine wings (angel:gear_and_fallen_angel_feather)

・Used to summon an armored fallen angel

Statue of a fallen angel (angel:angel_stone_statue)

・A fallen angel will be summoned by installing it and destroying it by the player.

・Holding gear and mechanical wings, you can summon an armored fallen angel by right-clicking or tapping.

Fallen angel wings (angel:fallen_angel_feather)

・Drop from a fallen angel

・Intermediate material between gear and machine wings

Fallen angel trophy (angel:fallen_angel_trophy)

・Drop from a fallen angel

・Head equipment

Armored Fallen Angel Trophy (angel:machine_fallen_angel_trophy)

・Drop from an armored fallen angel

・Head equipment

Armored Fallen Angel Trophy Block (angel:machine_fallen_angel_trophy_block)

・Drop from an armored fallen angel

Tears of an angel (angel:angel_tear)

・Drop from Fallen Angels and Armored Fallen Angels

・Recovers when eaten

Boss to be added

Fallen Angel (angel: fallen_angel)

・HP 600, Attack 9.0(effect wither), Speed 0.25~0.35

・When you leave a certain distance, you will enter shooter mode, and when you approach, you will enter attack mode.

・There are normal mode, summon mode, and finish bom mode.

Armored Fallen Angel (angel: machine_fallen_angel)

・Life 500, Speed 0.05

・Can fly in the sky

・Fly the angel bullet and attack

・There are normal mode, double cannon mode, and finish bom mode.


Terms of Service

・We will prohibit secondary distribution of this addon.

・At the time of remodeling this addon, take permission for modification even for private use.

・We can not assume any responsibility for problems caused by using this addon.

We assume that you agreed to the above contents at the time of downloading.

Please give Feedback to Twitter ( @AsamasaKun2 ) as much as possible


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Can you make it where you can fly with the wings with a custom animation as well plz
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