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Published on April 09, 2020 (Updated on April 09, 2020)

Queen Cats Addon

Do you want to enjoy your everyday survival life and cute girls?

With Queen Cat Addon, you can make your cat look more cute.

I think people who don't play in survival mode will love it!

Use experimental gameplay only for those who want to use additional items.

You can also play with experimental gameplay OFF

How to Get Item ?

Golden fish (asamasa:golden_fish )

How to Queen Cat Spawn?

By giving a diamond or golden fish (asamasa:golden_fish) to a normal cat in a village etc., it changes to a queen


・ Life 200

・ Attack 8 .0

・ Negative fall damage

・ Disable fire damage

Method of operation

Cat type


Use Itms

・ Change to cat type and human type by giving feather (no consumption)

・ Color can be changed only for cat type (black dye and white dye)

・ Equipped with an iron chestplate

・Gives 20 health when given fish

・ When you are a humanoid type, sit with a sneak(squat) click(tap)

You can ride while sitting

・ Giving a diamond summons a Child (Can not breed)


Humanoid type

Cat type

・ Change to cat type and human type by giving feather (no consumption)

・ Grows when given fish


You can attach a necklace or name tag

See fish, salmon, clownfish, golden fish and follow the player


Terms of Service

・We will prohibit secondary distribution of this addon.
・At the time of remodeling this addon, take permission for modification even for private use.
・We can not assume any responsibility for problems caused by using this addon.

We assume that you agreed to the above contents at the time of downloading.

Please give Feedback to Twitter ( @AsamasaKun2 ) as much as possible

Select version for changelog:


Changed wording to make it harder to misunderstand.

Children are summoned by diamond. Will not be born.



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4.5 / 5 (18 votes)
No hablo taka taka
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Add animation next time! ?
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Its not if your not using it innapropriately im using as a joke w/ my friends
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Guest-1406932258 May 26, 2020 at 1:02 am
can you make for fox too, because there is no addon about fox
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Foxes ?
Oh hell yeah please mais a fox addon!
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This is a freacking sin
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It is glitching, The cats texture is broken when i tap the change to Humanoid. Can you please fix it? i love this addon its cute. Especially the "Nyanya"
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Guest-9529840401 May 13, 2020 at 3:36 am
Now i know. You will tap the humanoid thing then it is glitching right then you will live the world and join it again then tadaa its a Queen Cat now anime Nya nya
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Everyone be complaining how this is weird but like they made this cause they wanted to and y’all still click on it ??‍♀️ Anyways amazing addon they too cute for this girl to handle
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That cat is fear enderman and creeper they will defeat by enderman and some badluck time is creeper l, btw is useful to defense a Raid on my island, and is cute 5 star m8
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Can you make a chibi one one that doesn’t grow
It’s cute
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it looks like a cheerleader
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amazing addon
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The resource pack wont show up so i cant use it
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Dosent work for realms pls fix
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