Published on April 10, 2019 (Updated on April 11, 2019)

Old Town Function Pack

McSwiftcraft present "Old Town", a world pack that allows you to choose from pre constructed buildings and place them anywhere in your world instantly! Choose from a wooden lodge, 2 story house and a huge fort complete with moat and walls!

Version 1.8 requires experimental gameplay to be enabled

When in the game, use a locator map to get your current position and press the '/' key to bring up the chat window. If the arrow on the map that represents you is pointing down (facing south or 's' for McSwiftcraft purposes) and you want to place a building, use the building name that ends in '-s'. 

Arrow pointing up (North or 'n'), use -n

Arrow pointing down (South or 's'), use -s

Arrow pointing left (West or 'w'), use -w

Arrow pointing right (East or 'e'), use -e

See the pack functions below for the exact text to type in the chat window .

For flat world options, just replace the word 'clear' or 'merge' with 'flat' in any of the functions below:

To clear the area before building a lodge:

/function clear/lodge-n

/function clear/lodge-s

/function clear/lodge-e

/function clear/lodge-w

To merge a lodge with it's surroundings:

/function merge/lodge-n

/function merge/lodge-s

/function merge/lodge-e

/function merge/lodge-w

To clear the area before building a house:

/function clear/house-n 

/function clear/house-s

/function clear/house-e

/function clear/house-w

To merge a house with it's surroundings:

/function merge/house-n

/function merge/house-s

/function merge/house-e

/function merge/house-w

To clear the area before building a fort:

/function clear/fort-n

/function clear/fort-s

/function clear/fort-e

/function clear/fort-w

To merge a fort with it's surroundings:

/function merge/fort-n

/function merge/fort-s

/function merge/fort-e

/function merge/fort-w

The following functions can be used to change a large area of ground under your feet in both flat and infinite worlds:

/function clear/quartz

/function clear/cobble

/function clear/brick

Select version for changelog:


The word Swiftcraft changed to Mcswiftcraft twice. Slight rebranding was required.


Download the pack, double click and Minecraft installs for you!

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4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
Seems too complicated.
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yeah, im gonna take my map to the old town function, im gonna mod till i cant no more, im gonna take my map to the old town function, im gonna mod till i cant no more
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Are you having a stroke? ?
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I see what ya did thr ey
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i got commands up in the back behavior pack attached
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I got the maps in the bag.
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This is cool. I can do function packs but would never put this much work into one. 5 stars from me.
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