Published on March 04, 2021 (Updated on June 16, 2022)

One Hit, One Heart [One Heart For All Addon]

Don't you wish that you had an anxiety attack everything you played Minecraft, don't you wish that you just HATED to open Minecraft, well now you can. With  this addon you can be scared about everything you do and risk your player every time you play.

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Fixed a bug, now letting the addon effect tridents.

Fixed a typo

added 3 modes to select from.

   Only high damage

   Only low health


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can you make a version where you get rid of the 1 shot and just make it so its 1 heart? that would be cool
Pretty much the one hit obliterator from the Breath of the Wild DLC.
made a survival world for a will with a similar mod 1 heart survival i cleared a hole masion then the world coroped i made a next world
why is the without the addon is 1 heart and the with addon is 10 hearts in description?
Lmfao youre right