Published on April 13, 2021 (Updated on June 14, 2022)

WEAKLING [No Punch Damage Addon]

Don't you wish you were a absolute weakling, don't you wish you would do 0 melee damage no matter what, well now you can. With this addon you can be a weakling and live out your dreams. Have fun i guess, to be honest I don't know why you want this.

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Fixed some issues with the page

cleaned up the page to make it look better

altered the addon to allow it to be used for future versions

fixed a but were it could not overlap with many other addons


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This is what I need!! This is what I need!! This resource pack is especially useful for map creators because you won't be able to hit entities for add-ons that use entities for objects. Or you won't be able to hit the mobs that are chasing you so you'll try to run instead of fighting them.

Sorry for my bad grammar. I'm still learning.