Published on December 02, 2019 (Updated on December 19, 2020)

One-Player Sleep System for Multiplayer (Add-On) [1.16+]

Conveniently pass through the dangers of the night on a multiplayer world! Suitable for multiplayer use, and is intended to work for Realms. Very simple, and lightweight add-on to use.

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v4.2

One-Player Sleeping

This add-on implements a feature which only requires a single player to sleep, just to skip to dawn– not all players in the world. 

It's just a simple, and cool little add-on but could be useful for Multiplayer in most cases!

In-game Usage

Its just your ordinary Minecraft day. You come back home, and just sleep through the night. Just use any ordinary bed in the night, and it'll work.

Add-On compatibility:

  • In Realms: should work on the latest Minecraft release (1.16).
  • LAN Game: neither requires Experimental Gameplay nor Education Edition. Cheats must be enabled, and can only be applied by the world's host. Only works for 1.16+, kindly update Minecraft from your app store.

Scripting API Version

  • There is a Scripting API version from which this add-on was inspired from! Currently, I thought of recreating the whole concept but as an add-on, since Scripting API does not work for platforms other than Windows 10.
  • You can download that version from here, created by BlkCatGmg. It's amazing, please check it out even if its now outdated.

Select version for changelog:

  • Updated download links. (A A A A A A A A)


  • Please remove the old version, before applying the new update.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Ey homie is this working on 1.17??
Its a very good addon, but is kinda annoying that is has to be always at the top part of the addons in the world. I almost always use this while playing with my sisters, and that really limitates what other mods we can use
this addon uses the player.json file, if you want to use this with another addon then you'll have to combine both addons (especially the player.json file)
Anonymous_user038 May 07, 2021 at 9:06 am
Dude can you make a .mcpack version like, for 1.14? Reply to me at [email protected] please, I don't check my MCPE DL a lot
When I try importing it it says no zip found
I have this mod on a realms server and it seems to be interfering with the clocks.
Stopped working on my Realm for some reason.
Hi! I play with my sister in a world by LAN. She needs to download the add-on too for it to work?
No. You will only need to apply the add-on to your world, anyone who joins will automatically have the addon installed and activated for them as well.
This really helps in multiplayer, thanks! Also, I'm using this in one of my maps, so is it fine if I give you credit?
When I try to put the addon on my realm, it says I am missing one or more dependencies. Is there something else I need to install?
Really nice AddOn and btw the missing dependencies is don't worry about that,That appeared on my screen too but I didn't do anything to it just put the AddOn and it works perfectly fine
Sorry, but I think may not be able to help you with that as it could be the 'well-known' reported bug in Realms.

Also, there is nothing else to download. Just download the MCADDON (where the BP & RP is) and it SHOULD work.
Why many people HAD THIER SERVER AND REALMS????How make server and realms?????
Why are you so fucking retarded
Realms is a subscription where you pay monthly depending on which type of Realms you are subscribed to.

You can subscribe for Realms in the app.

Servers, on the other hand, are different as Add-On support may not be possible. You can run a Minecraft server by yourself, or subscribe to other third-party products where they can run the server for you.

Everything is self-explanatory. In this modern age, you can just search it on Google or something :)
You can make server with aternos website

btw I forgot to rate this. This is going to be really useful on my server :D
Stupid question here, but I really don't know.
This only works for windows 10, right?
I run a dedicated server on my PC to play with some friends, and most of them plays on android.
So here's the question. If I set this on my server, in theory they're all playing on windows 10, because I'm the one with the world, hosting, right? Should it work on my server?
Thanks :D
No. It should work on ALL platforms, regardless of where the world is hosted on.

If it doesn't, please let me know.
However, I don't know how Add-Ons work on dedicated servers. It will be their choice to add a system like this, over which I don't have control of.
I need help! when i try to download the mod it doesnt work it redirects me to adfly and within a few seconds it will close
Hello, I have tried to put this on my realm as of the 1.16 update and it keeps saying, not available, or failed, etc. Any ideas?
Please try it again this 1.16.20 update. And let me know if it works or not.
Excuse me but it's don't work in a Realms ....