KSPE Renewed (Android/iOS)

KSPE Renewed is a shader pack for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Android/iOS) game. This shaders pack is changing some aspects of the Minecraft (Android/iOS) game to make it much more realistic such as lighting, coloring, water, sky, rain, shadows, nether, etc. This shader is also quite heavy and can only be used for powered devices

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KSPE Renewed v1.1.0 Update:

  1. Dirtlight direction change.
  2. Adding side shadows on non-full blocks like grass.
  3. Increases brightness when it rains.
  4. Adding puddles when it rains.
  5. Water will not reflect light when in shadow.
  6. Update detection.
  7. Use a brightness of 100 for a better experience.
  8. Fix link
  9. BUGS Fixes



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Shit because the whole world is invisible don’t get these shaders until they are fixed.
How many ram to run this shader with no lag please answer
this is really annoying, after the newest update the shader is still invisible and i have absolutely no idea what the hell is causing this, whether it is bc my device is still not powerful enough, or if it's just the shader that's not compatible with ios. there's not even a reply from the creator ffs, i legitimately want to try this but just can't because it looks like the creator doesn't give two flying shits about bug reports.

and if there really is a compatibility issue my complaints are still justified because the title CLEARLY reads "android/ios", so naturally i would expect it to work on my iphone 12 on 1.18.10.

NOTE: this comment was made BEFORE renderdragon was implemented on mc for ios
Mojang replaced the old rendering engine with their new Render Dragon, all the shaders now are useless, creators need to remade them from zero.
kwisatz haderach May 05, 2022 at 2:09 am
did you read the comment i added below for the sole purpose of clarifying misunderstandings like this? it says "the above comment was made BEFORE render dragon arrived on all platforms". i'm not an idiot, but considering that i have to spell it out for you does say something huh.
kwisatz haderach May 04, 2022 at 7:00 am
NOTE: the parent comment was made BEFORE renderdragon was implemented on mc for ios
not sure what's going on here but when i activate this shader the terrain becomes invisible. i'm using an iphone 12, on the latest version of mc (1.18.10), and without any other resource packs activated. every other shader works fine for me but this one still doesn't work even after i toggled the texel_AA between 2:0 and 2:1. i've even checked the read me file and there's nothing.

it'd be great if i could get a reply soon :)
same what the hell please fix this
Hola, si tengo una pc de 64 bits funciona?
Like who is still using 32bit?
32 bit era is dead
bruh im use 32bit its better if you don't have RTX card. Shader are working 🗿 and reduce input lag. 32bit ver and 64bit defrent was 64 is RENDER DRAGON, 32bit HLSL.
Work on (Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_1.18.203.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe) but the all skins goes invisible.
Not working for bedrock
Looks AMAZING but just doesn't work sadly would love to download it thogh
This is a scam it is the same shader as the rest of your collection
Link dosent work, keeps redirecting me to drive where I need to request access.
Good shader so far! Though I've found a few issues.
For one, whenever I'm under water, there is insane Z-fighting between the water shine texture and the sand. (this also happens with entities in Rain)
also the Shadow of the character doesn't line up with where they are, nor does it line up directionally.
And yes I'm on 32 bit. But I think for now I will stick with the esbe shaders. Good work so far! keep it up! maybe crush the bugs and make things slightly less saturated.
(I don't have twitter so I can't put the bug report there)
It doesn't work. The shader doesn't look like the screenshots and your character goes invisible
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA January 10, 2022 at 1:14 pm
That's because you're using an edition incompatible with the shaders
Error in mobs in rain
error in the water

winwdows 11 / GTX1050TI/Minecraft Bedrock 32bits
This Doesnt Work In Minecraft Java Or Windows Edition You Know