Published on November 15, 2020 (Updated on November 19, 2020)


Have you ever wanted to a play a parkour map that really challenges your skills? A map that starts easy, and slowly progresses?  Well this is the map for you!

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* Fixed the "How to download" paragraph, I accidentaly made spelling errors lol


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You Could Of Just Send A Direct Download Gesty Is Dangerous And A lot Of Virus's Why Did You Pick That Website You Should Of Looked.
I didnt mean for it to be a dangerous link, as everyone would, if you spend time on something, you wouldnt want to give it away free, thats why I use shortener links that make me a very small amount of money. And again, its so easy to just use an ad blocker if you think gestyy is dangerous. If i get enough downloads on my map i will change it to a direct link forever.
There is a small bug where you would sometimes, randomly get lit on fire above lava, I dont think this is a map bug, but more of a game bug, because it did the same thing on other maps of mine. Hopefully this will get resolved soon :)