Particle Disabler (FPS BOOST)

This resource pack was designed to increase FPS and get rid of any and all particles when applied. The main difference between this pack and other particle disablers is that this one actually disables the emitter properties of each particle as opposed to making the particle textures transparent. In other packs that use the transparent texture technique, the particles appear disabled, but are still emitted (which does not reduce lag whatsoever). As previously stated, this pack disables their appearance AND reduces lag

Potion effects do not emit particles around the player.

Nether portals do not emit purple particles.

There are no lava smoke or popping particles.

Sand does not have its usual sand particles when suspended in air. 

Along with all other particles you can think of, they are disabled.

This pack is compatible with minecraft bedrock version 1.13.0 and newer. If you have any questions or comments and would like to message me personally, you can message me on xbox or discord. 

Xbox live IGN: DigestedCave704 

discord: ambient#2309

Changelog View more

deleted the dated pack version, im a noob at mcpedl and I forgot to delete it so there were 4 packs instead of 2

Updated to hide new 1.16 particles. Fixed pack description typo and discord handle. 

-updated pack featured image to better showcase what it changes

-adjusted featured image aspect ratio. I assume that was why this submission was denied.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16


128x 16x 256x 32x 512x 64x

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20 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. MrCamper1999 says:

    it does give fps boost cuz for me the camp fire that smoke gives me a lot of lag or the end portal black hole if u could mka eit just black and remove the starts form it ?

  2. Guest-2639615234 says:

    you know you cant turn v sync off so this doesnt help at all

    • if youre on PC you can actually. its hidden in the options.txt though. Or, there are some packs that disable it, such as bedrocktimize. In any case, you would still notice more smoothness in higher-cpu stressed situations even with vsync on.

  3. Guest-1105653323 says:

    Only want to disable beacon/potion, but can’t find them in the files list of the texture pack by any relevant name?

  4. Guest-8902557229 says:

    Hello, can I use it in some part of my resource package? I will include you among the authors, and I am sorry to disturb you (this is machine translation)

  5. Can u remove the particles on the warp forest, crimson forest and basalt Delta (the flying thing idk what it is)

  6. Guest-1314959663 says:

    How do you make dragons breath spear again just need to know which file to remove

  7. Guest-2822818940 says:

    Good, but it would be helpful to have a choice of which particles to leave on. For example, gravel/sand on the ceiling of a cave is good to be aware of so you don’t end up buried in a collapse.

  8. Guest-8427891687 says:

    This is good but this is the reason why I died in dragons breath

  9. Guest-9253040077 says:


  10. Guest-2901310770 says:

    Removing the potion particles is a little bit annoying because when someone have an invisibility potion, You can’t see them. Which is great once in a while but I hate it. Is there a way to enable the potion particles itself?

  11. Guest-4724520454 says:

    Does this disable firework particles?

  12. Guest-5215489892 says:

    awesome but i can’t get it 🙁

  13. Guest-8853028961 says:

    nice, now i can play survival with less lag

  14. Guest-2237290202 says:

    I love it

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