Pigs Drop OP Loot

I created a behaviour pack which changes the drop table for pigs to include OP items and because sometimes it can be hard to find pigs so I added a simple recipe to make the experience more fun.

the pig has a a chance to drop any of the following.

  • diamonds 0-32
  • netherite tools and armour at any enchantment level
  • trident with level 0-30 enchantments
  • bottles of experience 0-64
  • arrows 0-2 stacks
  • anvils 0-64
  • bedrock 0-64
  • barrier blocks 0-10
  • enchanted bow with level 0-30 enchantments
  • iron ingots 0-32
  • enchanting table 0-32
  • gold ingots 0-32
  • tnt 0-64
  • obsidian 0-64
  • golden apples 0-64
  • notch apples 0-10
  • elytra
  • totem of undying
  • fireworks 10-32

it will drop from 1-4 of these items per kill and the more op the item is the less likely it is to drop.

i have included a new recipe which is easy to make because it includes 4 dirt and 1 carrot and will give you a pig spawn egg.

any suggestions on new op behaviour packs will be appreciated and credited if i make one off of your idea.

if you use this addon in anything i must be credited with this link in the description.

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i edited the description and it didnt have a changelog that i could type in but maybe i just never seen it.


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