Plane Addon

Want to fly high or just go float? This addon is good and It’s totally made just for you (but Its totally 80% working flying for now because it is in Work In Progress).

Are you Flying alone? You bored using elytra to fly? or you want a plane that’s totally flying, here’s the addon would you like it and it’s made just for you.

This Addon add one plane which it can fly(only 80% worked) and it carry four players(including driver) and it add more colors in the next update

The version 1

Version 2.0

I add an video that how to use it:

Version 3

– Add five more colors:

 Red purple



 Dark blue


Mob Information

  • -Health: 200
  • -Seats (including driver): 4
  • -Color:
  • *Red

Added new colors

  • *Blue
  • *Green
  • *Pink
  • *Yellow
  • *Red purple
  • *White
  • *Brown
  • *Dark blue
  • *Black

Version 4

  • Now there’s new vehicle :Helicopter
  • There’s new changes for the plane I apologize😥


  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White

Version 5 Update

I add an new aircraft named Baron which has three colors

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

How to drive:

Once you hop in the plane it could be automatically turned so you can using up, down, left, right button(if you on mobile) and enjoy, Then you look up and it fly up and look down to fly down.


There are some crashes, mobs are not working or any errors DM me on twitter @rmplaysmc_yt or reply me on [email protected]

Remember: This Addon was totally made by me and all the code and models are totally made by me…

And I found there’s a similar addon but I never steal some codes, anyway I recommend you to try the addon that was made by ZERN TH

Changelog View more

Add an Baron With three colors

Languages are getting better

Version 4

  • Now there's new vehicle :Helicopter
  • There's new changes for the plane I apologize😥

But The Thumbnail for The Version 4 is not available I'm sorry

This time There are lots of download option because I'm need to earn 😀

Add an video tutorial so you know how to download an content 🙂

Adding An link but the lastest version has four download option and select it what you choose but it's still Monetize :D

- Add Five more colors

- Flying is now fixed so you can look up and look down

- Changing Links but these are also monetize but it is important to support my development for next update

*I add four colors such as blue, green, pink and yellow and more designs coming in the next update

*I add an video showcase so you know how to use it :D (Sorry fo the worng grammar or something on the video :D)

I add an link that also help to support my development of this addon and there's the direct one so they can download instantly :D

Add second link so you can download it easily and direct :D

-Add one plane model (It's totally made by me)

-And it works for Minecraft Bedrock 1.14

Add more Images for good submission and easy to know how :)


You can choose one of those download in step by step:

  • Wait 10 Seconds
  • Read Article
  • And you can have a download and enjoy

If you download this Mod make sure

  • You are allowed to showcase this mod to your YouTube Channel
  • Use it in good condition
  • Use the Mcpedl link to your videos and it's important to support my development

You are not Allowed to used this Mod if you

  • Redistribute to other sites without my consent
  • Stealing the code


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200

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48 Responses

4.19 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. it works in version

  2. Syafa Hadyan says:

    Please make the plane and helicopter faster

  3. danwest._ says:

    could you make a trains addon?

  4. Amakka says:

    Did you know there are other more legitimate ways to make money as a content creator? Ways that don’t involve imposing spyware/ad-aware on users who don’t know how to remove said things?

    Can’t even find a patreon link.

    Could at least try half-decent avenues before forcing people through the worst of the worst, linkvertise is 1 step above adfly.

  5. HiNowPat says:

    Great but hard to control at first.

  6. Guest-2624292084 says:

    Use mediafire!!!!!!!!!! How hard can it be????

  7. Guest-2313530162 says:

    Hi, do these go any faster

  8. Bebecito milo says:

    Podría a ver un helicoptero de color azul claro osea celeste ya que a unas personas les gusta el celeste o azul claro yo incluido o también otro método podría ser poder teñir el helicoptero blanco con los 16 colores de minecraft

  9. Do you have any plans on making the Warships Addon, because no one in the Bedrock community has made one yet…. ???

  10. Guest-4991216721 says:

    Could you make a mob trading card s like when you kill a mob you get the card when
    The mob dies

  11. Guest-3537591069 says:

    Pls release simple vehicles 4.0.0 asap

  12. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Can you make fighter planes?

  13. L0l0 D1az says:

    could you please use mediafire or adfly?

  14. Guest-2725420496 says:

    cant get the link!!!

  15. Ford crown victoria falls says:

    the complement is good but I would like that when the plane is in the air it flies fast because it is very slow

  16. Guest-1961545998 says:

    bro he use to remake the horse and other mobs so nope

  17. Guest-2117192403 says:

    its good but it took a lot to download and find my way out the adds but i made it lol

  18. Us airways 001 says:

    None of the links work , please fix it.

  19. Guest-7669948864 says:

    Link does not work

  20. Guest-6987293418 says:

    Hello I’m hoping to download this today sometime I live in the Hawaiian Islands so today over here in Oahu might be different depending on where you people live I’m an 8 year old kid and have a ww2 mod from this website love your mod never got it but I’m hoping its good can you add the controls for the w10 (windows 10) version on minecraft.

  21. Guest-3995034976 says:

    How do you fly when on windows 10.

  22. Jesus7668 says:

    How do u go down

  23. Jesus7668 says:

    Great addon can you make helicopters and more planes

  24. Guest-3236029362 says:

    Can u pls add foxes and other mob types and add a chest to that plane pls and add a parachutes so can land perfectly and pls change item texture because I’m lagging when in hotbar/inventory -WenzyWenz

  25. Guest-3371176922 says:

    Can you carry Mobs/entities?

  26. Guest-6479027831 says:

    Plz more planes

  27. Ident12345 says:

    Can you update the plane addon with 1.15 and 1.16 updates

  28. Guest-4327033075 says:

    Can you do a train addon?

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