Player Sizes Addon

This add-on lets you change the size of the player to troll your friends or do a survival world with the player being tiny. You can do anything you want with this addon! Te The Player Sizes addon lets you choose what size you want the player to be. You can choose from tiny, small, big, or huge.

This addon does have a lot of bugs so don’t put it on a world you don’t want to lose or make a backup of that world!

Turn on experimental gameplay for somethings in the addon to work!

What Does the Player Sizes addon do?

The Player Sizes addon makes it so you can change the size of your player.

How to make the addon work?

To make the addon work you have to go to the addon setting. You can find the addon setting button under the addon, as the picture below shows.

After you click the addon setting button a menu pops up that lets you choose the players size! The default size is set to huge.

You can set the different sizes by scrolling the scroll bar.

Here is a list of the different sizes and how they work!

Player Size: Huge

The huge player size makes you a giant and gives you more speed than normal, more health than normal, and more strength than a normal.

Player Size: Big

This size makes you big but not as big as the huge size.

You still get more buffs such as more speed and health than normal.

Player Size: Normal

This is the normal size. same health, same size, same strength, and the same speed as normal.

Player Size: Small

This size makes the player small. This size also makes you have less speed, health, and strength.

Player Size: Tiny

The tiny size makes the player so tiny that you almost can’t even see yourself. It also gives you even less health, speed, and strength than the small size.

That’s it for now, I might add more stuff in the future.

please leave bug reports and suggestions in the comments!


No taking credit for this addon.

No reposting this addon.

You can make a youtube video but you have to give credit to me.


Install the addon by clicking in the mcpack or mcaddon file, then put the behavior pack in your world! 

Install the addon by extracting the zip file and putting the file you extracted in the Minecraft behavior pack folder, then put it in your world.


Supported Minecraft versions


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17 Responses

4.33 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. EmmanuelSeda1 says:

    You should swap the speed stats for the huge and tiny, large and small… Because the more mass the slower, and the less mass the faster. Pretty cool add-on though

  2. Mobin10RO says:

    Can you change a Second size Its height should be 1 block because for rp I want to play the role of plushtrap for my minecraft fnaf rp

  3. TarriestOwl says:

    Hey thank you so much for making this amazing addon. If you could it would be amazing if you tried to make it so you could see as if you were the height you chose to be. Like if you were tiny you would see from the perspective of a tiny player. Again thank you so much for making this amazing addon.

  4. Candy H. says:

    Hello! Also looks amazing! Can you please also add more sizes such as a Female size, Male size, and Child size? Idk what else to call them but may it be possible to add or change the players heights?

  5. Nice addon, sadly perspective is not able to change yet in Bedrock Edition, this addon remembers me of an Addon, tha makes you a little small than the huge size in this addon, I used that addon when still Multiplayer Master was going, ah, good memories. Nice.

  6. Kandem898 says:

    Can U make It like u need to put in a function commands pls.
    i really love this addon

  7. Can u make a technology addon?

  8. Riley The Creator says:

    So cool!

  9. Stick Boy says:

    This addon is really good, just wish there was a way you could change the perspective to actually be smaller, but rn I’m assuming that’s not possible, otherwise good addon!

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