Player Stands/Disguises Addon Version 1.1

Have you ever wanted to make player statues, but couldn't make the armor stands look realistic enough? Or wanted to disguise yourself as a different player? If so, then this Player Stands/Disguises addon will help to fix those problems!

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- Added 10 Brand New Youtuber Skins for 1.1 Update



  • Player_Stands_V.1.1.mcaddon (590.79 KB)

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i used the addon and went to exit minecraft for a bit and when i rejoined my world, all the textures were mixed. grass became brown terracota, leaves became shulkers.
r.i.p. techno he was minecraft
Technoblade Never dies
Plz add Captainsparklez, ii_jericho_ii, and synHD from Mianite. Also, please add skeleton disguises and other humanoid mob options. Can you also have the option to remove the techno blade thing? Finally, are they hostile and can they pick up weapons? Seems like a cool add on with lots of potential.
I've already started an update which will double the number of sets. I'll see what I can do about making the immortality thing optional. And no, they are not hostile; I actually used the cow entity code as a template for them.
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload this module to Netease My World?