Published on March 09, 2020 (Updated on March 09, 2020)

Playz++ Addon Pack

This addon pack adds many new items to the game. It adds new swords, new tools, etc. This addon pack adds to the survival experience of the game. All the new items give special effects to the player. This addon pack will be updated frequently.

How Does It Work?


Enchanted Iron = 9 iron blocks

Enchanted Iron Block = 9 enchanted iron

Aspect Of The End = 1% chance to be dropped by endermans

The Aspect of the End does 17 attack damage and gives +100% speed

right-click with it to tp 8 blocks front.

Made it hard to get Iron, Gold, Diamond Tools/weapons:


Patterns: Blank Pattern, Blade Pattern, Pickaxe Pattern, Axe Pattern, Shovel Pattern, Binding Pattern


Blank Pattern:

Blade Pattern:

Pickaxe Pattern:

Axe Pattern:

Shovel Pattern:

Binding Pattern:

Iron, Gold, Diamond Blades (same recipes for gold and diamond blades just replace iron ingots with gold/diamond) [Shapeless]

Iron, Gold, Diamond pickaxe heads (same recipes for gold and diamond blades just replace iron ingots with gold/diamond) [Shapeless]

Iron, Gold, Diamond axe heads (same recipes for gold and diamond blades just replace iron ingots with gold/diamond) [Shapeless]

Iron, Gold, Diamond shovel heads (same recipes for gold and diamond blades just replace iron ingots with gold/diamond) [Shapeless]

Iron Binding (remember there's no gold/diamond binding)[Shapeless]

How to craft Tools:

Swords = Iron/Gold/Diamond Blades + Iron Binding + sticks

Pickaxes = Iron/Gold/Diamond Pickaxe Head + Iron Binding + sticks

Axes = Iron/Gold/Diamond Axe Head + Iron Binding + sticks

Shovels = Iron/Gold/Diamond Shovel Head + Iron Binding + sticks

Wooden/Stone Tools and weapons are the same

Elevator Block:

4 stone blocks, 4 pistons, 1 enchanted iron ingot

Place an elevator block and place one at any height above the initial one.

now when you jump on the block which is down it will to you to the block above


3 iron ingot, 1 wooden plank

this is used to pick up the elevator block

go near the elevator block and right-click it with the wrench to pick it up.


Youtube = AGamingPlayz

Video for a Better explanation:

Select version for changelog:


Removed All the Item Textures that was taken from the hypixel skyblock texture pack by Hypixel. (File: textures/items)

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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3.38 / 5 (24 votes)
imagine stealing ideas, textures from i massive server and thinking it’d work out for you? What a loser
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Aspect of the End is a weapon used in hypixel skyblock and other items are also stolen or their ideas stolen
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Can you update this addon and make it compitable with minecraft 1.16
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This creation that you call yours contains a lot of stolen content and a lot of them are the assets that my team created.
Aspect of the dragons, aspect of the end, golem sword and even more. You stole what we worked on and you are calling it your own, which is disrespectful.
You don't have permission to use what you are using nor are you giving the original owners any credit.

This will be reported to the mcpedl team.

Proof that we own the content I mentioned:

Vierdant | Admin and manager of Hypixel Packs HQ (The original creators)
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Hey, you stolen some textures from the pack that I and other guys are working on, Hypixel Skyblock Pack. Please show some respect to our work and give proper credit or remove this post. Thank you. Contact me on Discord for further discussions: novotab51#0051
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I did not steal anything from anyone.
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Uh huh LIAR
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u copied dakon's addon
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How do I install this? Because I'm new
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This reminds me of tinker soooo much. I have been looking for something similar for a month now. I would love to see some of those features brought to this pack.
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Oh, my bad :). I haven't seen that feature removing old recipes
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The patterns are useless because you can make same quality tools with more materials than you actually need.
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How do you get cobblestone and ores when i need lava to get a pickaxe and you need ores to get a bucket and then the lava
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When are you going to add the ember stick and the totem of undealing?
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this brought me to a virus that nearly deleted my system 32 wth
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StoopheadPRODUCTIONS April 18, 2021 at 1:09 pm
wait wot.
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it dosent work for me
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