Published on June 19, 2019 (Updated on April 24, 2020)

Pokémon: Gen 1 Skin Pack

Attention, all Pokémon trainers! It's time to pick your starter Pokémon!

With this skin pack, you can play as the 3 Pokémon partners you can choose to begin your adventure in the Kanto region(Generation 1), as well as their evolutions in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition!

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Updated download links to direct download (removed ads, yay!)

Updated "Supported Versions" section



  • gen1Starters_1587696598.mcpack
Hello! May I ask if can I use these skins (as well as your other Pokémon skins) for my Humanoid Pokemons addon that I'm currently working on? I'm really hoping to get a response ^_^
i really like this skin pack and it imported just fine!! Now i can be my favourite gen 1 starter squirtle
The skin pack won’t import but I like the pack, also stop saying about ads and just get an adblocker (I don’t even have one and it still worked)
FYI you can’t have a Pokémon skin pack without pika pika. Overall very good.
The Addon works for me, I just had to go through loads of ads
If you use adblock, the ads do not appear.
Smexy Skin Pack
i feel bad for you, man. people rate this skin pack so low JUST because thye dont have adguard. Keep up the good work though!
I'm not the only one this happens to. Plus I don't really keep up with my Pokemon skin packs or the url shortener i used, so I don't mind the ratings. I probably will just reupload all of them with new links without ads, maybe get back on the front page lol
plus another voteup to further compensate for your loss
yeah dude link works fine i have adblock too
Don't try on Xbox it will take you to stuff you will not want to see!
I understand you can't get adblock on xbox, I have already planned to remove the ads, so that should happen soon.
Guys! The link is not broken! Make sure you are using adblock and you'll be fine!
I updated the link, ignore the install guide. I set it to direct download without ads.
It sent me to a ad i. Didnt want to see not cool man
Link does not redirect to mediafire
Make sure you are using a browser that supports auto redirect. Most browsers should work.
It worked for me
Straight ad farming. Garbage. Should be removed.