Portal Gun Add-on

Want to experience the portal gun of java but in bedrock? with this add-on you can now experience the beauty that is the portal gun and you can now troll the animals and even your friends by teleporting them everywhere.

With this add-on a portal gun item will be added in your world. The portal gun is quite easy to craft.

Portal Gun Recipe:

1x Ender Eye

6x Obsidian

2x iron Ingot


Portal Gun

When you craft the portal gun it will be BLUE by default when firing the portal gun it would switch to ORANGE

You can freely switch what color of the portal to shoot by CROUCHING and using the portal gun.

You can see on the portal gun what portal color it would shoot.

Here is a short demonstration of the use of the portal gun:

You can now pickup blocks using the portal gun!

How can I pick up blocks?

  1. Hold a portal gun in your hand (can by any color)
  2. sneak then hold the screen facing the block/left click on the block you want to pick. (like breaking the block)
  3. after doing it quickly stop sneaking

How can I place the block?

  1. Put the floating block somewhere you want to place
  2. then sneak to place the block.

If there is a block in its place it will break that block and drop it.

For now you can only pick up the following blocks:

  • DIRT

Will add more blocks in the future.

Credits to the commenter for commenting this idea: Step_HD

New Types of Portals and portal gun.

1. Potato Portal Gun

This portal gun has every functionality of a normal portal gun it can shoot portals and pick-up blocks. It also plays voice lines of potato Glados.


2. Rick’s Portal Gun (Rick and Morty)

This portal gun can shoot portals but it can’t pick-up blocks.



  •  If there is a bug happening in the beta version I will not support it.
  • There can only be 1 blue and orange portal in a world by creating another portal with the same color any portal with that color will disappear.
  • Each portal gun type must have only 1 user if there are more than 1 some function  of the portal gun will break.

Changelog View more
  • Fixed the picking up of blocks of the Original portal gun and Glados portal gun.
  • Added support info about beta versions of minecraft.
  • Fix the bug that is only occurring in mobile devices for the Rick's portal gun.
  • Added 2 more portal guns
  • Added 2 more portals for each portal gun type
  • Removed the message if multiple people equipped the same portal gun 
  • Added another download link for those people who can't download using adlfy links.

Portal Gun v5.1:

  • Portal gun now can only be used by a single player.
  • Added a message when another player tries to equip a portal gun.
  • Portal death animation slightly improved.

In the new version portal gun v5:

  • Fix more flickering texture of the portal gun
  • You can now pick up certain blocks using the portal gun
  • Fixed the portal gun model's flickering. 

  • Added the file for the 3D item of the portal gun.


  • Added a 3D model for the portal gun item.


  • Portals no longer suffocate in walls, water, and lava
  • Portals no longer take damage from fire and lava


Before Installing:

  • Experimental Mode must be turned on in your world.


Supported Minecraft versions


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98 Responses

4.5 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. you should make it so that if you shoot at the sky, it sucks everyone in

  2. Insxne says:

    Uhm, Excuse me but what ID is the items?
    I wanna know because i can custom the Villager’s trading IU to get the Portal Gun to sell Diamonds.

  3. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    Someone should make a portal texture pack to go with this addon.

  4. Guest-1273677587 says:


  5. steeeep chicken says:

    Hi there i was wondering if you can make it so that we can make our own custom coordinate points for the portals like when we shoot the portal’s we can teleport to that area that we set the coordinates.

  6. tekken says:

    hey im using 1.12 and also can u make a direct download?

  7. Guest-3217171614 says:

    Can someone post the download page link. Im done with the adfly nonesense.

  8. Guest-6467697221 says:


  9. Guest-5331665635 says:

    Hello everyone. If you are wondering how to get past the add pages, here ya go. When it brings you to the “click allow to continue” either wait about 20ish seconds, or you can copy the link, change the “ww1” to “ww5” and then copy and paste into browser. Hope this helps!😁

  10. Guest-7160136883 says:

    Please fix the download link i cant download it just shows “SHRINK YOUR URLS AND GET PAYED” even though im not using an ad blocker

  11. DTechGamer says:

    It would be appreciated if the hand is in the Portal Gun and fix the glitch/bug when you die, you cant use the Portal Gun. Other than that, I love the add-on and your hard work!

  12. Guest-3864557569 says:

    I love the model you’ve added! Great work! Keep it up!

  13. Guest-2049187429 says:

    Excuse me is it possible that you can make the items attach to the gun like the pork and potato

  14. Guest-2166840302 says:

    It worked for a while but after I died the portal gun stopped working completely, I made a new one, didn’t work, I used /give and it still didn’t work

  15. Guest-1166213642 says:

    It will never take me to the download link after press skip ad. It only redirects me to other websites.

  16. Guest-4297259310 says:

    Can you add more portal gun colours so that multiple ppl can use portal guns at once

  17. Guest-7633251442 says:

    Hello, just wondering if picking up blocks has problems only for me or not, when i do exactly the pick up action it doesnt work, but when i do the placing action it places it instantly without having time to look where i place it! im on Controller on PS4

  18. Guest-2680500926 says:

    Can you make it go straight to media fire

  19. Guest-8542780719 says:

    can u add the companion cube

  20. Guest-4960288026 says:

    Plz make it so that’s no ads

  21. Guest-2928976117 says:

    Can u make the portal suck up block s and mobs when u shoot it at the sky pls?

  22. Guest-1051872116 says:

    could you make it pick up diamond blocks?

  23. Guest-1863313567 says:

    Excuse me can you make a linkiverse link as well I can’t use the other one it never works

  24. Guest-7796299625 says:

    10 out of 10

  25. Step_HD says:

    Im so happy, you actually did it! 🔥🔥

  26. Guest-8952488109 says:

    hey this is my favorite addon you know! (PS: I play it on 1.16)

  27. Please update it for 1.16

  28. Spec says:

    Please Update For 1.16 and more

  29. Guest-8332539843 says:

    Its a great addon but it crashes when you teleport too far.

  30. Guest-3962230039 says:

    Yea I’m having the same problem. Everything seems to work. Crafting recipe. Theirs spawn eggs for the portals in creative. But I can’t get the gun to shoot or change colors. Tried changing my load order on my mods to no avail. I’m in xbox realm though, so most of the mcpe mods don’t work with realms unfortunately. Good mod though.

  31. Guest-4409113495 says:

    My MCPEDL name is YoungBear, it’s not letting me login. Could I use this Add-on For a map?

  32. Guest-7832134445 says:

    This is amazing! Thank you so much!

  33. Guest-7563712168 says:

    why are you still stuck on 1.14?
    learn to update the game to 1.16.

  34. Guest-9526684744 says:

    Please fix the 3d model

  35. Step_HD says:

    Hello! The addon is awesome but I wanted to ask if its possible that with the right click (break button) it can pick up only certain blocks to mimic the Companion cubes (maybe redstone blocks)? Maybe coderaigen can help with physics, this would be dope for custom maps!

  36. Guest-8290093152 says:

    Can i have your permission to use this in a video mr. Amon28?

  37. Guest-7540910034 says:

    I downloaded the update that adds the 3D model, but when I hold the gun, there is no model, I still hold it like an item, pls fix

  38. MorbidNoob says:

    Add a crafting recipe that makes a different portal gun but it works the same except it shoots different portals(these portals look the same though). Make 9 different portal guns & you can transfer the type by crafting.

  39. Itsmicheal125 says:

    I give you five stars beacause ita real working without command block hard work bro

  40. Guest-8999227168 says:

    I love this addon, but can you make it to where you don’t hold the portal gun like an item? Sort of like a 2D model similar to the actual guns addon. Keep up the good work tho

  41. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome addon just finished reviewing it on my channel keep it up! 😀

  42. TanLorikk says:

    Hi, I can translate your addon to Russian, for FREE!
    Just contact me
    My Discord: TanLorikk#2143

  43. Guest-4492351920 says:

    Hi i like this addon a good update would be to add different portal guns with different colours so you can use it in multiplayer without having to for a friend to stop using theres

  44. Guest-7209025854 says:

    May i make a vid about it? I will give proper credits 🙂

  45. Diamondplays says:

    Nice addon, but update it so that the portals don’t start to die in the walls.

  46. Guest-1362571434 says:

    Lmao are you 30 years old? In case it’s true welcome to GenZ 🙂

  47. Can you please make the actual models of the portals instead of rotating danglers??

  48. Guest-5826991026 says:

    This addon is great

  49. Guest-6282328683 says:

    It doesn’t work I’ve crafted it but it still won’t work I crouched doesn’t work

  50. Guest-6408839727 says:

    Great addon please download my own skin earth skin spider skin

  51. Guest-1718433980 says:

    ur gay now

  52. Guest-7956825430 says:

    Below me or above is gæ

  53. Guest-3622451170 says:

    Great Addon!
    Im First

    • Anonymous says:

      Glitch report: Trying to teleport a held block through a nether portal crashes the game

    • Guest-8149986213 says:

      Hello creator pls reply me i have some bug for you why if i turned off the send command feed back and command block out put into false it keep saying teleported to(cordinate) to (cordinate) pls fix it its annoying me

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