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Published on October 29, 2020 (Updated on October 29, 2020)

Powdered Snow To Other Blocks

With this texture pack you can change the powdered snow block (as of minecraft beta version to blocks such as stone, (quick)sand, and brick (for now at least) in a later update i will add more variation of blocks.

Once the beta update came out and added the powdered snow block i emediatly wanted to check it out, i didn't expect it to have a 'freezing' overlay texture and a blinding fog. But because of that i thought of something i saw in the Netflix original series Warrior Nun, and in one of the last episodes 'she' could walk through walls and i emediatly wanted to replicate that into minecraft with this new block and this was my shot at it (left one is powdered snow and the right one is normal stone)

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