Published on November 14, 2019 (Updated on July 17, 2020)

Different Skulls Resource Pack

Did you ever want a miniature tree for decoration? Or maybe have a glass helmet? Now you can with this resource pack!

This resource pack remodels and retextured the skulls to be blocks and entities

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  • different-heads-pack_version_1.mcpack
  • different heads pack_version_2.mcpack
  • different heads

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im map utiliti
I'm a little map maker and I want to use your texture pack to decorate it, but I need to modify some textures, Can I do It?
rip hrmmager
How do you make the skull???Can you tell the app name????(I'm on phone)
I'll clean the text and page up tomorrow
Good addon.
Could you make a mob trading card mod and when you kill a mob you get the card of the mob could you make be look like the old trading card mod
I don't really know how to make behaviour packs... :/
Can u add a behavior that makes the appropriate mob drop it? Or a recipe for the block ones? Like putting that block in the crafting table to craft it? Just a suggestion! otherwise Great pack! I like the villager head.
On here there a mini blocks addon where the wandering trader sells them. Just search up Don's mini blocks. Also on theres a pack where mobs drop their heads.
Wow... this is good for decorations thank you