Published on September 26, 2021 (Updated on October 30, 2021)

Skeleton Friend Add-on

Have you ever thought about having more security when exploring minecraft at night? This addon in addition to making skeletons attack other mobs, they also don't attack you until you attack them.


This simple addon will give you more protection in the game. All normal skeletons that spawn in the overworld will protect you from various other mobs in the game. In addition to dropping items such as discs from creepers killed by them.

Try to use this to favor you in the game. A skeleton protected by sun boards doesn't kill him. And he will help you whenever they are around.

Please visit our mcpedl profile and take a look at all our addons. We're always trying to improve on all the old ones with new updates and the next ones we're thinking about doing.

We are always open-minded to help and tips for improvement. Please tell us your difficulties in the comments.


Note: When using the addon to repost elsewhere, please use our official links. Not to harm us.


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the addon had changes to its behavio, 3 new mobs were added that the skeleton attacks and the skin was also modified.


Turn on:

- Holyday Creator Features;

-Creation of Custom Biomes 

- Additional Moddings Capabilities.


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4 Responses

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3 / 5 (1 votes)
Good addon, a question are you going to pillage friends? i would like a lot
If you have the zombie friend addon, you can't import this one.
Also, skeletons still attack me if I remove the zombie friend and add this one instead.
The zombie friend works, maybe you can put them both in one addon?
thanks for the feedback. we will update and fix this issue soon.
possibly we will try to find a better solution to complement one another.