Published on June 11, 2021

Prototype Copper Block | 1.17+ Resource Pack

Do you ever wanted another Copper Block variant? Well, you're in luck today! This resource pack aims to bring a new experience from an old memory.Two new variants for this block have been added, based on the first iteration of these blocks.

When Mojang announced the Caves and Cliffs update at Minecraft Live: 2020, we got a glimpse of the new Copper Block.

Back then it had a rustier appearance, but most importantly a line dividing the block vertically. This packs tries to re-imagine those textures with the new ones we have currently.

If you want to try this new variant, you'll need to craft two copper slabs, then put them on top of each other. If made correctly, you'll get a full block with the new texture.

This works with both the regular Copper Slab and the waxed one. Additionally, there's another variant with bolts removed for a cleaner look!

Note: This pack works in any sub-version of 1.17 and above.



  • Proto_Copper_Block.mcpack (23.94 KB)

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Excellent texture, it is really very good for decoration, but there is a bug in the texture, one of the sides of the block is not symmetrical
I don't know if I explain well, my English is not very good
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