Published on June 13, 2021

Visible Waxed Copper | 1.17+ Resource Pack

Copper Blocks are fun to use in builds, specially when you wax them so they don't change their appearance over time. But sometimes you lose track of your waxed blocks, this resource pack aims to help you in that!

What this pack does is change the textures of Waxed Copper Blocks, so they're clearly different from regular Copper Blocks.

There's four different options from which you can choose. From top to bottom: Border, Bolts, Subtle and Colors. You can choose any of these from the pack settings!

Border and Bolts add yellowish marks on the blocks, while Subtle and Colors change the textures in a more subtle way, in case you want an unobtrusive way of identifying such blocks.

An example of the Border mode in-game.

An example of the Subtle mode in-game.


  • Visible_Waxed_Copper.mcpack (44.58 KB)

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5 / 5 (1 votes)
Nice texture, very easy to distinguish between non-waxed and waxed copper
The pack isnt working pls fix