Published on April 08, 2021

Variated Ores | 1.16+ Resource Pack

A pretty simple resource pack that adds visual variations to ores. If you thought your mining sessions were lacking something, try this pack and give your ores a new look!

Minecraft: Java Edition changed the ores textures quite a few times already during the "Caves & Cliffs" snapshots period. If you were a fan of any of those textures but noticed they were changed once again, you're in luck! 


This resource pack adds those textures as variations for the base ores. Every texture should have the same chance to appear in-game, but please keep in mind some blocks had more changes than others; so while blocks such as the Iron Ore and Coal Ore have four variations each, the Emerald one only has two. Nevertheless, this resource pack should add more variety to your mining sessions!

Note: This resource pack also changes the Copper Ore appearance, so if you're playing on the latest beta you should notice the change as well.


  • Random_Ores.mcpack


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Neat pack, but i think you should probably make the older textures fit in with the current textures, cause all the different ore textures all look out of place with eachother
can you add outlined ore with your texture?
Thank you so much for Bringing Nostagia back to the caves of Minecraft please add variations for nether ores
I was gonna make this lol
The fuck? I was literally working on this and an exact copy I didn't publish just appeared?
does not change the texture of the minerals