Rage Parkour

In this map you will be facing the most ragest parkour jump ever. You will need  to complete all jump to be on next level. This is a normal parkour but you will be raging in game. Notice you need a big device lag can ruin your game. All jump are possible we tried it we die 200+ so be sure to carry your rage.

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Fix Link and Error

Fix issues on command block

Fix the texture pack 

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*DON'T DOWNLOAD* I downloaded this, but it came up with a weird, giant code... I don't think it was even a kind of code... Not great, but if the creator can create a .mcworld file, or a .zip file that actually works, I'll change my review. Not pleased.
I figured out why the world file came up as code: This world is meant for Minecraft XBOX Edition, as it is a .bin file. I have confirmed this, because when I downloaded Fed X Gaming's note block tutorial world, it too came up as code. So, players of any XBOX Editions that don't include Bedrock Edition, have fun. (Fed X Gaming's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/fedex26922/ )