Published on August 04, 2022 (Updated on September 17, 2022)

Ragnarok 2.0 (Nidavellir Update)

RAGNAROK es un complemento que he estado desarrollando durante varios meses, este complemento está inspirado en el juego God of War. Este complemento está diseñado para ser utilizado en la supervivencia conservando el clásico minecraft escancía a otros que también está diseñado para hacerte sentir como un dios al usar las armas y armaduras de RAGNAROK

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  • Added many new armors
  • Added trading with Sindri and Brok
  • Added Sindri and Brok shops in the form of a structure that will appear in the world
  • Modified Valkyrie armor texture to be more similar to god of war 2018 game
  • Effects were added to the most difficult armor to have similar properties to the god of war 2018 game
  • Zeus' lightning was added, inspired by god of war from greek mythology


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Great models, good buffs with certain armors overall the addon is great! Although I've been wondering, is there any chance that a English translated version would be released any time soon?
Hey bro, how are you?
If I was just starting to work on the translation, I'll probably fully implement it in the next update :D
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Hello bro, sorry for not answering, but of course yes, just put the credits, greetings!
It is very well done and it is interesting how you adapted GOW plugins to Minecraft in a natural way

Already as a suggestion I would tell you to add more GOW elements such as Bosses or Mobs
I'm so glad you liked the add-on!!!
Right now I'm working on bosses to add more diversity to the addon :D