Published on January 02, 2023 (Updated on June 21, 2023)

Ragnarok Addon |MCB|

The ragnarok addon is an addon inspired by god of war ragnarok and I intend to make a universe with this addon and that in the future the entire god of ear universe is implemented in Minecraft The intention of this addon is to make you feel like a god of war. The addon is designed for survival and cooperative, I hope you like it and enjoy it with your friends :D I also have the intention to change the way of playing Minecraft, changing the gameplay and the difficulty of the game, so I hope you have fun, enjoy the RAGNAROK addon and like this project that I am making with love

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.                      Update Changelog:

°Changed structure generation to correct loot generation on chests in realms and items on frames.

°Changed the appearance of the Asgardians.

°Improved the trade of Sindri and Brok

°Added blocks for structure generation

°Some discs were changed to add god of war soundtrack

°The loot of the asgardians and nokken was improved

°Added a skin pack

°The dwarf table interface was separated so that now the plugin is compatible with more plugins.

°Added a new function in which when hitting with the addon's weapons there is a 2/100 chance of the god of war soundtrack being played, this is for ambiance and epicity purposes



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Ok, for some reason the structures can't spawn. I even go to the coordinates where mimir should be but it didn't spawn at all. Could you help me figure why this is happening
Hello, sorry for the delay in answering, but I already solved it, just have mcpedl accept the update and that's it!! :3
And I even added some new things, greetings :D
Bugs: am create tool vanila and use affter load world and item.remove , and armor duplication fix bugs .. Thanks
Excuse me for not responding quickly, I was very involved in university, but I already solved it, just let mcpedl upload the update and it will be available :D
I hope you like the new update and greetings c:
Hola, tengo un pequeño bug, al entrar al mundo, todos los jugadores aparecen con la armadura de Johnsu, hay alguna forma de repararlo?
Es un error del propio minecraft, pero ya lo corregi, solo que mcpedl autorize la actualizacion y listo¡¡ :D
Espero que te guste la nueva actuaizacion y saludos¡¡
Hello, this is the mode I really wanted
Can you fix one thing?
It's so easy to find the ingredients Please make it possible only with production
That's it bro :3
Increase the difficulty in many things, such as boses, structures, crafting, etc., only if mcpedl authorizes the update and that's it :D
Greetings and I hope you like the next update very much!
hi bro my request is please make marvel character wolverine addon for bedrock edition
I'll try to do it, okay? :3
Greetings and I hope you have a nice day!
Olá meu mano. Como eu vi q vc gosta de ver os comentários para melhorar a addon tenho umas ideias q vc talvez possa gostar. 1 adicionar as 3 Valquírias
2 adicionar a medusa
3 adicionar o leão de 3 cabeças de good of war 2
4 as asas de good 2 e 3
5 mais chefes para a gameplay ficar mais legal
6 botas de Hermes
7 o dragão de good 2018
8 a espada de Zeus
9 a moeda de 1 real de good 2
10 a ydra mãe
11 os poderes q Kratos pega durante o good 1 2 3
12 colocar os minotauros e os ciclopes
I think it's a perfect idea bro, I'll try to add it for the next updates and thanks for the ideas :3
Greetings and I hope you have a nice day :D
Uh i dont know if you need sugestion but i think i have a good idea of adding kratos's wolf cart and helios's sun chariot in future updates?(sorry if i have wrong spelling)
Hi bro¡¡
It seems like a perfect idea to me and I'll try to implement it for the next update, okay? :3
Colocou a capa do addon em português tem meu respeito! kkkkkkkkk
does it use player.jason file
Hi bro!! :D
The addon does contain a "player.json" file but it is not used at all, so if you want to play with another addon that uses "player.json" I recommend you place the "RAGNAROK" behavior package under the other addon's behavior package what do you use :3
I hope you have a lot of fun with the addon and greetings bro! :D
awesome so i assume its compatible just in the next few updates i recommend u remove the file as it not being used. keep up the great work dude,
Quisiera solo el addon que cambia los discos por la musica de gow , podrias subirlo soll ese ?
Hello, there is a problem with the skin version when it suppose to show my own customized skin but when generated it gave the steve skin instead, can you fix it soon?
Thank you for informing me and of course I will investigate it to solve it, okay?
Thanks for informing me, regards :D
Hello, Im getting no loot on structures on realms.
Hi, sorry for not answering, I've been a bit busy with school, but I'm already working on a solution, since it's an error in minecraft itself, I don't think it will take long to get the update out, regards! :D
Quiero descargarlo para un server con un amigo pero siempre me salta error y ya probe con todos
Rp has two errors and one warning
HELLO¡¡ Sorry for not answering, I've been very busy with school, but I'm already working on a solution and the warning is for a custom interface, but I'll change it to be compatible with other addons, regards :D