Published on January 02, 2023 (Updated on April 25, 2023)

Ragnarok Addon |MCB|

The ragnarok addon is an addon inspired by god of war ragnarok and I intend to make a universe with this addon and that in the future the entire god of ear universe is implemented in Minecraft The intention of this addon is to make you feel like a god of war. The addon is designed for survival and cooperative, I hope you like it and enjoy it with your friends :D I also have the intention to change the way of playing Minecraft, changing the gameplay and the difficulty of the game, so I hope you have fun, enjoy the RAGNAROK addon and like this project that I am making with love

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.                      Update Changelog:

°The download links were added, since due to some error they did not appear in the publication

°Fixed a bug where ares pants would make the hit or undermine animation visible

°Fixed a bug where blades of chaos would bring enemies to life

°Changed the geometry of most weapons to make them look unique

°Weapons now glow in the dark

°Given a custom enchant texture to each max level weapon and their variants

°The trident now has the ability to freeze in a 7 block radius

°Some boots or pants make you generate particles

°Added and fixed armor effects

°Hell's reaper was added

°Added 2 mini bosses, the nokken and the cursed nokken

°Added 3 Asgardians:

- Asgardean

- Asgardian

- Reaper Asgardian

°Added Mimir's head

°Added 4 new structures:



-asgardian camp

-Asgardian Coliseum

°Added 3 new runes that are used to change the powers of draupnir on the dwarven table:

-Weapon Arsenal Rune

-Rune of Hurricane Winds

-Gale Rune of Vindsvalr

°Added the grip of the fallen alchemist, which is used to customize and improve leviathan, the chains of hades, the knives of chaos on the dwarf table

°The table of the dwarves was added

°Aspects of the UI were modified:

-The control icon was changed

-Changed the auto save icon

-Changed the icon of the book in the inventory

-Changed the box indicator

-The minecraft title was changed when loading worlds or dimensions

°The music "bloks" was changed to "Sons's path" and "5" to "God of war ragnarok"

°Changed some crafting, and trades with Sindri and Brok

°Fixed the appearance of the trident in third person



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Hello, Im getting no loot on structures on realms.
Hi, sorry for not answering, I've been a bit busy with school, but I'm already working on a solution, since it's an error in minecraft itself, I don't think it will take long to get the update out, regards! :D
This comment has been removed
Quiero descargarlo para un server con un amigo pero siempre me salta error y ya probe con todos
Rp has two errors and one warning
HELLO¡¡ Sorry for not answering, I've been very busy with school, but I'm already working on a solution and the warning is for a custom interface, but I'll change it to be compatible with other addons, regards :D
É nescessário baixar todos os arquivos ?
Hola bro!!, no no es necesario descargar todos los archivos, si quieres jugar en un mundo de manera normal descarga la versión de (Mitos e historias), en caso de que quieras jugar en un realm, descarga la versión de realms, y así en cada situación bro, peroo realmente solo basta con que descargues la versión de (Mitos e historias) saludos bro, y espero te guste mucho el addon :D
You forgot to add the download link
According to me, if I had put it bro, maybe it was an error on the page. Anyway thanks for letting me know and I'll update it right away, I just have to wait for mcpedl to accept the update, but thanks a lot bro, regards :D
In the meantime, if you want to download the addon, it is on my youtube channel, which is in the youube section in the article of this addon, greetings bro and thank you very much: D
Suprised Santa Monica Studios hasn't filed a lawsuit yet
Could you maybe add some bosses like a overpowered Zeus,odin,hades each of them got there own structure would be very cool
Wow sin lugar a duda uno de los mejores addons de gow que vi en minecraft, diria que es uno de mis addons favoritos de todo Minecraft por que es perfecto cuanto se trata de diversion y supervivencia! Pero tambien tiene un error que es en la arma de las garras y cadenas ya que el personaje no se llama "Ares" se llama "Hades" pero bueno, ese es solo un error un error lo comete cualquiera, a y tambien quería saber, no hay ningún problema con el addon si lo meto a plataformas de servidores como en este caso aternos? Que es donde juego con amigos xd pero en serio el addon es de los mejores que eh visto y debo decir que en un futuro me gustaría ver cosas en el addon como a jormundgandr o al mismisimo Ragnarok (se que es MUY difícil y demasiado grandes pero haz lo que puedas xd) o tambien cosas como el traje de Kratos o de heimdall y la mascara de odin y espada de frey! Pero en si eso es todo lo que quería decir, sin duda uno de los mejores addons que pude ver en minecraft
Muchísimas gracias bro¡¡ Es un proyecto que estoy haciendo con muchísimo cariño, entonces espero que de verdad les esté gustando 🤭
Y muchísimas gracias por la observación bro, lo corregiré para la próxima actualización, va?
Y según yo, no hay ningún problema por usarlo en servidores, pero en caso de que no funcione me escribes por aquí o por YouTube y te ayudo a solucionarlo, ¿va que va? :D
Espero disfrutes muchísimo del addon con tus amigos y de nuevo muchísimas gracias bro, me hace muy feliz el apoyo que me dan, muchísimas gracias¡¡¡
Y tus ideas me parecen increíbles y claro que las agregare 🤭
Como pequeño spoiler, ya estoy trabajando en la espada de Frey y en la cabeza de Mimir
Y de nuevo mil gracias bro¡¡¡
Saludos bro¡¡¡ :D
How do i make it compatible wit other addons
It is compatible with any addon, just put it under the addon you want to put as main
I hope you like the addon and greetings bro!
Which one should I download that has both the structure and the campaign update?
The one you like bro, the only change between versions is that in the skins version you can see your custom skin and that of other players, in the realms version the addon is optimized for realms and there is the normal version that is Ragnarok v4.5(Battle Update), but they all have the structures, they're just a bit hard to find, but I recommend you search near the rivers, on the plains, in the nether or at the end, anyway anywhere version will appear around the world
Greetings bro¡¡¡ :D