Published on July 06, 2020 (Updated on July 08, 2020)

Rainbow Breaking Bar

Are you bored of normal breaking animation? Then this texture pack is for you! This texture pack Change the whole 10 breaking stages! And put A whole new colored rainbow breaking bar! This texture pack is also compatible with 1.16.0/1.16.1 blocks!! Also it works on every block works on every tool! But this pack does not make breaking particles rainbow!

Hello Guys this is NotPiZa

This texture as you saw in the featured image change the whole 10 Stages of breaking animation! And it put the new colored rainbow bar!! 

And it works on all the blocks with all the tools!! 

Here is some images to take a look of it! 

Breaking stage 1

Breaking stage 2

Breaking stage 3

Breaking stage 4

Breaking stage 5

Breaking stage 6

Breaking stage 7

Breaking stage 8

Breaking stage 9

Breaking stage 10

Here is a GIF of breaking a block when you use this texture pack

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Added our discord server link, There you can have some fun And know the upcoming packs!


Just click and it will download without any ads or anything :) then just import it to minecraft :)!!


  • Rainbow breaking bar.mcpack

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Maybe it would be better if you put all the preview images in the post next to each other in the same image so it is not so LONG
Hey this is great in all, but could you make a pride one? I would love to see how appreaciated pride is with a lesbian pride breaking bar.