Published on December 13, 2021 (Updated on May 09, 2022)

Raiyon's More Enchantments Addon (Smithing Table Update!)

Looking for an addon for minecraft 1.18?

Bored of the typical minecraft vanilla enchantments?

If so, this addon is for you, adding more than 10 new unique enchantments for armor and tools!

Can be found in creative together with the other enchanted books

And to use them due to limitations of minecraft bedrock it has to be on a Crafting Table

Trident Enchantments

Fire Riptide:Has the same function as the normal riptide enchantment, except that it uses lava

Pickaxe Enchantments

Scorching Heat: Mined metal ores are automatically smelted and affected by Fortune

Orb Collector: Mining any block with this enchantment will give an orb of xp

Super Miner:This enchantment will allow you to mine in an area of ​​3x3 netherrack, end stone, deepslate or stone blocks

Sword Enchantments

Sweeping Edge: Attacking a mob will deal area damage

Winter Aspect: When attacking a mob it will freeze it for a few seconds

Beehive:when attacking a mob summon a bee for each hit,bee will attack the mob was hited

Axe Enchantments

Tree Capitator:This is an enchantment for the axe which cuts down the entire tree by destroying a log

Helmet Enchatments

Sculk Eyes: This enchantment will give you the effects of darkness and night vision.

Chestplate Enchantments

Health Boost: This increases the maximum health, 5 hearts for each level

Burning Thorns: When receiving a hit from a mob it will burn

Armoring: Adds more points of extra armor

Leggings Enchantments

Drowned Step: This will increase the speed when swimming in water

Boots Enchantments

Agility: This enchanment wll give the effect of speed

Magma Walker: This enchantment will give you the effect of resistance to fire and you will be able to walk on the lava leaving a path of magma

Slime Feets:When landing with the boots equipped, you will bounce and if you jump right when you fall you will be able to bounce infinitely apart from not taking fall damage

Netherite Enchantment Table

(Crafting Table Recipe)

The new enchanted books can be crafted in the Netherite Enchantment Table

(Netherite Enchantment Table In Creative Menu)

Scorching Heat

Sweeping Edge

Orb Collector

Health Boost I

Health Boost II

Burning Thorns


Magma Walker

Drowned Step

Winter Aspect

Sculk Eyes

Slime Feets

Tree Capitator

Super Miner



Fire Riptide


Fire Riptide Trident

And to use them due to limitations of minecraft bedrock it has to be on a Smithing Table

In order for the addon to work correctly, the activated experiments are needed

Rules of use

If you are a content creator and you are interested in making a video of my addon, keep this in mind

Do not create links from my addon

Please do not provide the direct link

If this is not respected, I will have to use my copyright

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-Enchanting items with the new enchants on the crafting table is back due to bugs in 1.18.30

-Added Beehive Enchantment

-Fixed Some Textures Bug

-Added Support To 1.18.30 version



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And to use them due to limitations of minecraft bedrock it has to be on a Crafting Table*

Only Works in crafting table in this version for 1.18.30 bugs(forgot remove all of the Smithing Table)
No me deja usar el mod la textura esta bugeada incluso con solo ese mod activado en el mundo
Hi, when I look in the experiments section, I don't see "Additional modding capabilities" and when I tried playing it was completely broken, the enchantment table texture wasn't working, and the enchants (I got the books out of creative inventory) wouldn't even apply to the item no matter how I tried applying them, I'm on windows 10 v1.18.31
Does adding extra armor points actually do anything? I thought you couldnt go past the maxed armor limit in terms of damage reduction just durability...
It reduces damage until 100% protection (25)
And to use them due to limitations of minecraft bedrock it has to be on a Crafting Table*

Only Works in crafting table in this version for 1.18.30 bugs(forgot remove all of the Smithing Table)
It doesn't work in 1.18.31 :(
1.18.30 Seems to have broken this mod:(
Would be cool if you could add veinminer as an enchantment for the pickaxe
It will interfere/ break otjer mods, cauaed some weird problems. Can't mine any ore blpcks from other mods even if the drops are standard ore, they just vanish.

Even if it's the only mod installed you still experience problems with some enchants, like the one for walking on lava.

The slime boots enchant works great, aside from mitigating fall damage it lets you jump two blocks instead of one. Great for exploring, however as it dosen't work well with other mods even if you put it on top and the fact you can't enchant them to armor ect from mods makes that kind pf pointless anyway.

The tree capacitor enchant didn't work very well... not that any tree capacitor type addon I have tried on bedrock works properly anyway.... although they are still quicker that doing it by hand. Try chopping down a jungle,spruce or even a taller regular tree like oak.

The orb miner seemed like a good idea and the sweeping sword enchant worked well. The health one worked well also, never tried the agility enchant as the slime one was to useful to give up for speed, that being said if you use the excellent grappling hook mod you don't really need slime boots... still loved them though
The netherite enchantment table didnt show a gui
JustANormalVietnamGuy March 23, 2022 at 12:48 pm
Oh shot i forgot to 5 star review
JustANormalVietnamGuy March 23, 2022 at 12:48 pm
Can you make it can combined with another Addon pls?
This comment has been removed
adds blocks with treecapitator so after use nothing can be placed there again
this does not work with your shield mod activated