Published on May 11, 2021 (Updated on April 05, 2022)

Raiyon's Java Combat Addon (Bow Ding Update!)

Have you ever wanted your Bedrock experience to be closer to Java?

Well if so, this addon is for you!

This addon adds a combat system quite faithful to Java

Java combat is based on the cooldown which is a certain time with a weapon / tool in which you can do the maximum damage with it and can be visually seen as a loading bar below the cursor

Cooldown List

Sword 0.60

Trident 0.90

Any item other than a weapon / tool 0.25

Hoes 0.25

Wooden Axe 1.25

Stone Axe 1.25

Iron Axe 1.10

Golden Axe 1.0

Diamond Axe 1.0

Netherite Axe 1.0

Sweeping attack

Attacking with a charged sword, you will make an attack that will damage all mobs near you only if it is not a critical hit

This attack is useful for farms since the mobs drop their items and xp when dying for it

Sweeping Edge Enchantment

Enchanting a sword with this enchantment increase the range and damage of the sweeping attack

The only way to get this enchantment is by trading with villagers for minecraft bedrock limitations

This enchantment is compatible with others enchantments

Critical Hit

When do a critical hit, heart particles will appear and the minecraft java critical hit sound will sound.

knockback Sprint

A mechanic similar to Java was added which is that when you sprint and you have at least the cooldown bar at 80% you will give more kb than normal(This for now works on players, with axe or sword)

This is useful to make combos

Shield and shield blocking

When using a shield it will not push and you can block for 5 seconds attacking players with the active shield if attacking with an axe

A player with a bloqued shield will look like this

The shield has a cooldown of 0.25 when used like java

"Bow Ding"

The "bow ding" is a minecraft java mechanic in which when you shoot a projectile at a player and this projectile hits the player it will make a sound towards the damage.

This works with any type of projectile


Important changes

-Axes have the same damage as in minecaft java

-End crystals have the same explosion damage as in minecraft java

-When falling in a boat you will not receive fall damage like miencraft java


Cooldown Animation

(this mechanic temporarily removed until fixed)

An experimental version was added where you can test the cooldown animation like java  was added to the addon

This is optional and experimental due to possible bugs


Rules of use

If you are a content creator and you are interested in making a video of my addon, keep this in mind

Do not create links from my addon 

Please do not provide the direct link 

If this is not respected, I will have to use my copyright



Select version for changelog:


-Cooldown Animation Has Temporally removed until fixed

-Fixed experience drop with some entities


For the addon to work properly it is necessary turn on experiments



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4.32 / 5 (133 votes)
Its really cool when java combat on bedrock
Everything is ok with this mod...the only thing that I dont like is that the shields are op, they have infinite durability they can't break, pls fix that :(
Remove shield blocking (as we already have it). And please fix the attack charge bar, and the backwards items, the attack animation, duplication glitches
Make it to where fireworks shot from a crossbow are more like Java where they explode in contact and deal more damage. Also make it to whenever you use an axe that was enchanted before the addon it doesn’t take away the enchantments. Also whenever you put sweeping edge on a sword that is already enchanted it takes all the enchantments away. Also the cooldown animation is not removed with the most recent pack where it says that it was removed. Also fix whenever you kill someone there axe will duplicate.
Will this addon discontinue due to the recent removal of "Additional Modding Capabilities" ?
It still works rn so I don’t think so
Nah. You can spam click
Please make this mod work on realms, I don’t know why it won’t work on them
This addon is very good, however, there is a game breaking bug that allows you do duplicate any custom axes or the sweeping edge sword, this bug occurs whenever someone dies with an axe that has lost any bit of durability (same with sweeping edge sword) upon their death they will drop two of whatever axe they had. This also works on enchanted axes, so you can easily duplicate a maxed out netherite sword or axe. Please do fix this bug as I believe it is probably the most game altering bug in this addon.
Slimes are all small and take two hits with a maxed out Netherite sword to kill. Otherwise great addon. You should make an addon that include all Java things and call it Raiyon’s Java Parity Pack.
ayy bro love this mod
weapons and some tools are wielded upside down.
please fix
This is a great addon but it doesn't work on realms. Can you make it work on realms please?
Great addon. Could you add spectral arrows and the Java feature that makes arrows/ bee stings stick into players, or is that beyond Bedrock capabilities (?)
Ei! Raiyon! Não para de fazer esse Addon! É tão maneiro, adoro o sistema do java, poderia arrumar o Machado? Ele faz a Animação de Ataque mesmo com eu quebrando um tronco de uma árvore, no PC ele só faz a animação quando o Ataque é feito em algum mob, se não ele faz a animação normal do Bedrock, arruma isso no machado e vai estar perfeito.