Published on September 08, 2019 (Updated on December 19, 2020)

Waypoints (Add-On) [1.16 only]

Travel accross different places, with ease and convenience with the Waypoints add-on! Set up multiple waypoints & navigate faster throughout your world! Customize your Waypoints with 15 different dye colors to choose from.

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v2.0

Creating a Waypoint

Start by crafting up a Waypoint Placer, it can be crafted using (8) Eyes of Ender, a Nether Star and (1) Lodestone.
It requires Nether Star as you can find these Waypoints pretty useful, and I wanted that these items should be used on the late game.
  • Waypoint Placers act like a spawn egg or a block. Just place it down on the ground and you should be good to go!
  • To remove the Waypoint, just break the Lodestone Block. Note that you will NOT get your Nether Star back once broken, so place it wisely!

Changing Waypoint Colors

Once you have placed your Waypoint, pick any dye color that you want, and then punch it on top of the Lodestone Block.

Remove the color used by the Waypoint by punching it with a dye again. Changing the Waypoint's color will not use your dye.
  • Up to 15 different dye colors are supported, except for Black.

Renaming Waypoints

Know your way by renaming your Waypoints using a Name Tag!

Renaming your Waypoint allows you to know which Waypoint you are teleporting to. Although this is completely optional, it is very recommended.

Linking a Compass

If you want to teleport to your Waypoint, you must link a compass to it first!

Interact or right-click the top of the Lodestone Block– or if you simply want to create a Lodestone Compass, just tap anywhere on the Lodestone Block.
  • Linking a Compass turns it into a Waypoint Compass: it acts as a connection between you and the Waypoint!
  • If the Waypoint you are trying to teleport to got broken, your Waypoint Compass may unlink and disappear.

Traveling to a Waypoint

Travel to Waypoint by holding the Waypoint Compass and sneaking until you are teleported.

Traveling to a Waypoint can take time. The farther you are (from the Waypoint you are teleporting to), the longer it takes.

Estimated Time Arrival

  1. Within 126 blocks takes about 5 seconds;
  2. Within 256 blocks takes about 10 seconds;
  3. Within 1024 blocks takes about 20 seconds;
  4. Within 4095 blocks takes about 30 seconds; and
  5. 4096 blocks or farther takes about 60 seconds.

If you stop sneaking while teleporting, it will cancel the ENTIRE process. This means the countdown will reset back to what it was before.

Contribute Translations

This add-on is available for community translations! Please head on over to to learn more!

Video Demo

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  • Please delete the old version, if you have, before importing the add-on update.
  • Only supports 1.16 (not beta)

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i can't put dye on the waypoint (I'm on chromebook)
Ok now I made compass but I can’t tp to it.
I can’t use a compass to make a teleported, I’m on mobile any help?
Any way to deactivate the particles?
The way of making the item is not a bit difficult, is it?, Like and a way points
CucumberButterGaming June 08, 2021 at 7:15 pm
Lowkey sad I would be able to download the mod only if the link is willing to not freeze >:CCCC
I logged out while I was holding shift and it didn’t work anymore I deactivated the pack and reactivated it and still didn’t work on that world
Very good pack, looking forward to any updates. :)
One suggestion can u make the recipe cheaper...1 lodestone=1 netherite and netherite is hard to find can u make the crafting recipe for the waypoint one block of diamond so that it won't be that cheap and it won't be that expensive...tnx alot for this wonderful addon hope u reply this comment :)
Does this add-on not work on realms?
I still cannot get this to work consistently on realms. 1/5 times i get it to work and then it removes itself from the packs list all the rest of the times.
I believe this error is not the add-on's fault but the Realms "engine" itself. You notice how custom resource/behavior packs work in Realms, they usually don't.
Aw man, i hope you get the waypoint item back when you break the block again :(
Thank you for this suggestion. Will take it under consideration!
Minecraft X Destroyer June 18, 2021 at 2:33 am
Hey if your having trouble trying to download using linkvertise,well the steps to open is pressing free access with ads and press the steps to open the link and press continue and there you go
Hey can I use this for a addon pack thing I'm making a better minecraft thing and this is good for it
A great mod, I would like it to be a little more discreet.
but in reality it doesn't work, the moment you use the compass.
in realms, sorry, google google translator
Forgot to mention that it only works on the latest version (not beta).

The add-on works completely fine on my end and it SHOULD work to everyone else as well. I just want to make that clear to everyone.
Plssss increase the time of teleporting even if you are soooo far away from the waystone u made.. plssssss
Hey bro can you reduce the time of travel i.e when i was in nether it took 60 seconds to teleport me in overworld which is very long time
this is a suggestion anyways add-on is very best 5/5 stars you deserve
I really liked the addons but I found it very expensive to craft the item if you could change it. of course not too cheap but not too expensive as it is now.
Yes. Thank you for your suggestion :)
Hi I did the translation of your addon to the language of my country if you want I send you the translation of the addon and you add it in the official and also I only gave 4 stars because the addon it uses the player.json and this file is often used so it turns out that some addons do not work with it together I know that you use it to detect if the player has a compass in his hand but try to find a way to fix it and it serves professional transporter too and I will translate the conveyor craft And also I would like to say that you could add chunk loader because I found out that the waypoint he is carrying the chunk must be because you put him to be a player so it would be easy for chunk loaders to just take that baguio out of the player and make him load the piece
I wrote in English but it's because I'm using a translator so many words are meaningless so I'm sorry