RGB / Rainbow Hotbar (Texture Pack) [32x]

Enjoy an amazing and cool-looking animated hotbar slot in-game. Apply as a Global Resource Pack to try in every world, and also works in servers or Realms as well. Perfectly matches with the RGB Experience Bar created by ChrisXolt.

created by: r4isen1920 / Original pack by justZitt_

pack version: v1.1

Basic Usage

This Resource Pack simply gives a bit more display to the hotbar, by giving it a rainbow effect. The Resource Pack should work in any texture pack you use it with.

Animated Hotbar 

This Resource Pack was mainly created by justZitt_, and this is a spin-off made from his Texture Pack. 

Download the original version here.

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  • Updated download links. (A A A A A A A A)


  • Should support most versions.

Supported Minecraft versions


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3.85 / 5 (13 votes)
They need to fix the zip file glitch because it's been like this for awhile.
It gives me a zip when it is supposed to be a mcaddon.
for the addon it still makes it zip and not mcaddon or mcpack
pls can you make a setting so you can turn the rainbow effect off for the hotbar pls
Just remove pack i guess?
This is a really cool add on 10/10
yo r4isen1920 can i use ur pack for my texture pack and don’t worry i’ll give u credit😀
its from crisxlot not u
you didnt even ask my permission,but just credited...
3 stars i don't have it but i think you worked a lot on this but it only will let me get the .zip one and that doesn't work on education edition but i think you worked really hard bye
Great pack! I love the rainbow textures in the hotbar and xp bar. However, there is one problem. Even though I downloaded the Invisible GUI Pack, all the UIs are the same. I can open a crafting table and any other interactive block, but the UIs are the same. Do you have any solutions for this? Thank you!
I can only help you with Resource Packs related to this one. Thank you for asking.
You said that we can use it with any pack we just need to apply it above this pack. But this Resources Pack is not working with Java ui v1.10 . Even if I place it on top. Plz help I want it for PvP but I can't also remove java hi bcoz I'm used to it. I'm using that from 2 years. Plz help. Hope you will make it to work with java ui :) .
This resource pack only has minimal changes to it. If you would like it to be compatible to Java UI resource pack, then you should ask the creator of that resource pack instead.
X2 Really
I want to have the two texture packs in my minecraft
any way to use this in java
Does it change color all the time?
Yes. Apply it as a Global Resource Pack, and it should work on servers/realms as well.
Rgb boss bar