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Published on September 19, 2020 (Updated on September 20, 2020)

Rock Ness Lake & Village

Hi everybody. This is my first map which I made 5 months ago. In this map I found a little village in a taiga biome and decided to modify the village. Welcome to Rock Ness Lake!

This is some picture for example:

Big Lake
Mining Cave
Your House [You Are tourist] In Forest
Ravine [Good For Mining]
Shader Used: Pio Shader

Texture: Better Campfire,Invisible Frame

AddOn Used: Place Me! By CodanRaigenXXI, Mining Hammer Addon.

You Can Modding This Map For Re-Create New Map With Note:

Give Us Credit

Dont Claim/ReUpload To Mcpedl Without Credit

Thanks For Download I Hope You Enjoyed The Map

Note: AddOn,Shader And Texture Included To Map

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  1. Download mcworld/zip
  2. Go To File Manager And Click File/Extract File Zip
  3. Select Minecraft For Open File/Copy The Extract Into games,com.mojang,minecraftworld
  4. Enjoy The Map

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HEY I love the map but can you make an updated template version so that custom biome addons won't make it look cursed?
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hey dude, i didn't expected people come here because caveman buddy addon, i think this map just an ugly garbage, if you want to make a map using this template you shouldn't to credit me, i don't care about this map, this is my first submission and the failed creations but it won't make me give up but make me excited to create better creations than this map, this map usage is up to you
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also this map has an easter egg, that is a custom villager trade, that is the thing that make this map become special, i thought people think this is a silly map, thay're don't know what's behind this map
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Thanks maybe I might modify this map with my own preferences but I'll credit you so be sure to check my remaster of this map.😊
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are those house
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what do you mean? if you meant earlier is asking about "are those house exist?" the answer is yes, they're a real build stuff
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Hey crow it’s me :) Haydencraft2008
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Hi Haydencraft2008, this is my first submission and i think this is ugly right? please don't download and try it, it just normal world with a tons of addon lmao and there is no differences between original and modded (this map) i wanna delete it but i can't XD
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Amazing Map I would Pay Respect To You
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